Friday, September 25, 2009

final call! bulk order wrought iron fencing for your treebox

Karyn of North Capitol Street NW

This is your last chance to bulk order wrought iron fencing for your tree box.

Your neighbors are coordinating a bulk purchase and installation of wrought iron fencing in Bloomingdale.

We already have enough neighbors interested in an installation to reduce the cost by buying in bulk.

The negotiated the cost of a single 4’x8’ tree box is $480. Price will vary depending on the size of an individual tree box. The contractor we chose also contracts for DC and therefore can guarantee the installations are in accordance of city code.

Please contact me at krayon @ if you are interested in participating in the bulk order of tree box fencing. We will begin installations in October.

Also send me your contact information if you are interested in a city grant that pays for tree box fence installations. We are considering submitting a city grant to install tree box fencing for all of Bloomingdale.

I look forward to hearing from you.

1826 North Capitol St, NW
202- 306- 0608

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