Friday, April 02, 2010

UPS slip at the door

From a Channing Street NW resident:

I found a UPS slip at my door yesterday. It said UPS was there to deliver a package to me but I didn’t answer the door so they will come back tomorrow (being today). It had the area for writing my name and signature marked. So I wrote my name and signed the area, and left the slip at the door before I left home today. When I came back the slip was not there but I didn’t see any packages either. I called UPS. They checked all their records. Called me back and said their system shows no package for me and no driver having come to my door yesterday. Obviously someone put the slip at the door and then took it away. And that person now has my signature. I wanted to let the neighbors know about this in case they get a slip too. It would safer to call UPS to confirm that they in fact have a package before signing the slip and leaving at the door.


  1. Always good to look up the door tag code on their site before signing it to know what you're expecting.

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