Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bloomingdale resident Kerry Neal comments on Politico Facebook post on Seth Rich's homicide

Politico placed a Facebook post on the fatal shooting of Bloomingdale resident Seth Rich.

Bloomingdale resident Kerry Neal commented on the Politico Facebook post.

Kerry Neal's comment:

Chief Cathy L. Lanier has blood on her hands on this one.

Bloomingdale has long been a progressive community of Washington.

Situated between Ledroit Park and Eckington, it's close proximity to downtown and other points south has attracted plenty of newcomers looking to raise families and be a part of Bloomingdale. Still, crime continues rampant in the streets with strong-arm robberies and house burglaries. Really??? How hard is it to do proper policing and fix the issues? If the MPD can be the gold standard for issuing camera tickets (so far this year exceeding 37 million dollars) and Mayor Bowser can be so effective with bag tax revenue generation, do you not think it's time to put that money back in communities with infrastructure and safety (including added police) improvements. Kenyan R. McDuffie - I'm also looking at you for leadership on this. It'll either be part of your legacy to the Mayorship or your Achilles heel. Let's hope it's not the latter...

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