Friday, December 09, 2016

so what's next in the McMillan process?

So what's next?

Below are two snips from Washington Business Journal reporter Karen Goff's D.C. appeals court overturns McMillan zoning article yesterday -- demonstrating the two positions of what's next for the McMillan project.

From the Friends of McMillan Park:

Andrea Ferster, the attorney representing Friends of McMillan Park, said the rulings were a victory for the group, which has been fighting the redevelopment for nearly a decade.
“In my view, Vision McMillan Partners cannot proceed,” she said. “The bottom line is the court vacated all three agency decisions — the zoning commission approval and the mayor's agent's ruling on the underground demolition of the historic vaults, as well as subdivision. That means it is sent back to the agencies for further proceedings. My view is the applicants have to go back to the drawing board. The defects were so systematic.”


Wednesday's groundbreaking was a kickoff of the District's infrastructure work, which is expected to take two years.  Brian Kenner, D.C. deputy mayor for Planning and Economic Development, said at the groundbreaking "we feel comfortable and confident this project is going to be a great success for the community.”
A spokesman for Kenner said on Thursday Ward 5 residents should not have to wait any longer for this project.
“The District believes the issues outlined by the courts will be addressed so work can continue on this transformative project," said Joaquin McPeek, spokesman for the deputy mayor for Planning and Economic Development. "We will work with urgency to ensure it delivers the jobs, housing, retail, and open space this community has continued to ask for.”

So ...

... do DMPED and VMP just need to provide more robust justifications and submit them to Zoning and to the Mayor's Agent, which would then get submitted to the DC Court of Appeals?   And that's it?  Easy peasey?

Will there be new hearings? 

Is this just an administrative matter?

Or something perhaps a bit more?

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