Sunday, August 06, 2017

DC regulations regarding filling in and decking over a DC rowhouse dogleg

Perhaps someone with a firm grasp of all of the recent regulation changes can answer these questions.

Formerly, it was illegal to fill in a dogleg of a DC rowhouse (formally known as a 'court').

It was likewise illegal to create a deck in a dogleg space.  And if you did, it definitely counted toward the lot occupancy percentage.

But now it appears that none of this is true.

One can see doglegs being filled in as part of the rowhouse.  One sees decks constructed in the dogleg space.

It appears now that rowhouse doglegs can now be filled in as a matter-of-right without any zoning relief.

And it also appears that filling in rowhouse doglegs does not count when measuring lot occupancy.

Have regulations changed to accommodate more flexibility with doglegs or is DCRA just turning a blind eye??

I may be behind in what's currently allowed.

Can anyone perhaps address these questions regarding doglegs ?

Thanks for the feedback.

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