Tuesday, December 18, 2007

more beer at Timor

See this message from Kim Wee, business owner of the Timor Market at 2nd & Rhode Island Avenue NW, which opened last week:

What a surprise over the whole been coffee which completely sold out this weekend! Appreciate the enthusiasm and great patience of all those who stopped by to taste and learn about the Yirgacheffe, Chiapas and Moreinhas samples. (Along with a valuable exchange of knowledge on the pros and cons of different brewing methods, storage of beans, coffee growing regions etc)

The show continues this week with 3 back-to-back events this week! First of all, for those of you who missed the beer tasting Friday, there will be a reprise tonight, Tuesday, at 7PM while stocks last. Among last week's hits were the Harbin lager from far-flung Northeastern China, and the attractive Blonde and Amber ales by Grolsch. No harm in opening a few more of these, I suppose.

And then the first of our "Mini Wine Tasting" events begin on Wednesday and Thursday, back-to-back, at you guessed it: 7PM on the dot. On both nights we will pick a pair of reds, and a pair of whites--that's four labels altogether. And we'll do it again with 4 different labels Thursday for those of you who can't make it Wednesday.

OK more mundane matters to announce: Due to the urban professional timetable, my store is very quiet during the week. And as my inventory-building quest is just beginning, it makes sense for me to operate on a "nights and weekends basis" for now at least.

So Timor's new hours are:

Monday-Friday 4:30PM till 8:30PM
Saturday: 9AM-9PM
Sunday: 9AM-6PM
Or call and check if someone is in the store: 202-588-5612

And organic milk will be back in stock this evening.

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Unknown said...

man, i have been missing out on this market! i'm only 2 blocks up rhode island and haven't made it in yet... christmas insanity and the last week of work before the holidays have kept me running...

methinks tonight may be my night to meet the enchanting new kid in town :)