Friday, December 14, 2007

more on timor market. beer tasting tonight!

See this message from Timor Market business owner Kim Wee:

I am excited about the kind of customers who have been coming to Timor this week--mainly bright, well-traveled young professionals stopping after work. Therefore, I am pleased to let you know about our first promotional event: Beer Tasting, AND sampling of newly arrived Son of Italy food products this Friday, from 6-8PM. Join us in trying a few highly rated imports and American craft brews!

Secondly, to herald our first weekend in business, Timor will host coffee sampling on both Saturday and Sunday from 10AM till 2PM. We will grind and brew the choicest single-origin batches from Ethiopia, Brazil, and possibly India. A limited number of 1/2lb bags of whole bean coffee will be on sale. In case of additional demand, Timor will roast-to-order green beans for unsurpassed freshness. (Flavor of coffee peaks from the 2nd to the 5th day after roasting.)

Please Note:
Timor will open at 4PM this Friday after new stock is shelved.
The credit card reader is now operating.
All visiting dogs are entitled to one smoked pig ear.

1 comment:

dmf said...

this place is pretty great. i live right across 2 at the seaton (and i *hope* i'm one of the customers kim mentioned).

sadly i missed this weekend's festivities. but i was in brooklyn. so it wasn't all that bad. :)

i plan to stop by for some coffee on the way to the metro, as often as possible...