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BFM Sunday: NEW French Macaroons and Whisked wins Best DC Bakery

Hi BFM Fans,

Jenna is pretty excited -- Whisked was just named Best DC Bakery by WaPo Express.  We are doubly thrilled for her because she's great and because we encouraged her to start her bakery and offered her a place at the farmers market to try it out.  (Guess that worked out well.) Woot. Woot.  Yay.  If somehow you have not yet tried her sweet pies or savory quiches or cookies, don't delay.  I have a feeling she is going to sell out this weekend...

I have been obsessed with roasting and freezing tomatoes for the winter.  There is still time.  And they roast all night while you sleep.  But I tried a new technique today.  Instead of cutting them in half, I cut each tomato into 4 thinner slices, drizzled with oil and roasted in a 200 degree oven for hours.  Don't forget the parchment paper for your baking sheet. They turned into something like dried tomato fruit "leather" slices.  If you have ever doubted that tomatoes are part of the fruit family, this would have reminded you.   Right now they are sitting in a container in the fridge in some olive oil.  They may never make it to the freezer, they are so good.  ( Serendipity:  I had some seconds with a few spots that needed to be excised so I had a sheet full of slices rather than halves).

The other day I roasted tomatoes cut side up at a 400 degrees until they caramelized.  Each time I vary the technique, they taste a bit different.  Fun.

Buy some of Truck Patch's baby spinach.  Of course you can make a spinach salad with it.  Nothing wrong with that.  But I decided to wilt it and then bake it in the oven with a little coconut milk mixed with some curry paste I made from Mt View's galangal, ginger, garlic, chile peppers and coriander.  That was beyond heavenly.

New and Notable:

*All this rain has made for some amazing greens.  Mt View just posted some very pretty pix of theirs on their fb page.  Truck Patch's arugula and mesclun were particularly good last week -- just had the last salad of it today --and the baby spinach! wow.
*Corn at Garner and it is delicious.  I wowed some Mexican friends with it Sunday night.
*Soup and Stew time:  Sandy will have lots of meaty bones to start slow cooking with all our root vegetables and winter squash.
*Reserve your Turkeys at Truck Patch at the stand

**French Macaroon ALERT!  Damien is baking them now -- Intro Sale Sunday**

Chocolate, lemon, caramel, blueberry, cranberry, cinnamon

These are the FRENCH macarons - 2 small  (2 ") circles of pastel-colored, almond meringue based confection- ethereally crispy biscuits that are soft on the inside and lightly enclose flavored buttercream or ganache.  Oreos that went to heaven and were transformed into something angelic.  They look like jewels and in Paris there are boutiques that specialize in them.  You fill a box with 6 and take them to dinner -- great hostess gift.

**COOKING DEMO: 11-12:30**

Revive's Chef Robert is back for his last visit this season.

**Tune Up Your Bike Free at the BFM Bike Clinic 11-1**
Thanks to our Bike House volunteers.

WHISKED! Sweet Potato Cream Cheese Swirl Pie. Apple pie (available with a vegan crust) and salted caramel apple pie, with house-made salted caramel. Chocolate bourbon pecan pie, because it's decadent and fall-like and delicious. For the quiches, hearty sausage and cheddar quiche, and  mushroom, leek and goat cheese quiche.

REID's ORCHARD:  Pear Up --it is Pear Season: Asian Olympic and Shinsheki, seckel (so cute in jars when you can them in spirits and spices) and Bosc (elegant and easy dessert poached in red wine), seedless and Concord grapes. Consider the CIDERS: apple, pure Honeycrisp, apple cherry, apple grape).

And now this week's APPLES: the great thing about Reid is that they grow more than 75 different apples during the season and they always bring some surprises:   apples that are scarce, that only grow on a few trees, that they only have a few bushels of -- but have great flavor.  So, this list is always only a partial one: Honeycrisp, Gold Supreme, Gala, Pinova, Yakata, Fuji, McIntosh, Macoun, Jonagold, Jonathan, Ida Red, Smokehouse Empire, Snow Sweet, Baldwin, Musu, Stayman, Northern Spy.

Asian Pears.  Have you tried them at market yet?  They are apple round, rough skinned,  khaki or brown gold but  juicy and sweet.  You need to try a sample at market, but quite honestly, eating a slice of an Asian Pear is no comparison to biting into a whole Asian Pear. Juice will squirt out of the corners of your mouth and the juice will well-up in the freshly bitten cavity.  You'll have to gently shake the the pear to remove the excess juice so you don't have even more dripping from your chin when you go in for your second bite."

PANORAMA:  NEW:  French Macarons in all those fabulous colors and flavors.  Whole wheat, multi grain, rye, pumpernickel raisin (great toasted, my childhood favorite), rustique, sourdough, baguettes, olive oil buns, breakfast pastries, croissants.

TIP: Be sure to slather Keswick Quark on Toasted Pumpernickel Raisin, my childhood favorite.  Ryes and Whole wheats and multi grains go very well with beer and cheese pairings.

KESWICK CHEESE: Claude will help you pair the best cheese for Reid's various pears and apples.  And you already know that they have a list of beer -loving cheeses starting with the Troeganator tomme that is rind washed every single week in Troeg. The yogurt runs out every market so come early for it.  It is a food loving yogurt that enhances everything it meets: fruits, cooked greens, meats, jams.  15 different aged raw milk cheese -- cheddars, vermeer, tommes, dragonsbreath plus pasturized fresh cheeses and many fetas.  Mark's notorious pimiento cheese is great.

NUMBER ONE SONS: Our favorite traditional pickles, kimchis, krauts, brines == all fermented the way they should be, so not only are they dilly-licious, but they are packed with pro biota  (like yogurt).  The best foods are cured or fermented – wine, beer, yogurt, sourdough breads, salume… yay wild yeast!

MOUNTAIN VIEW:  First of their broccoli!:  Maybe a tiny bit more of the marvelous baby Ginger?   Kale, Chard, Beets,  Arugula, Radish Greens. Salad greens. Beautiful easter egg radishes, green beans, sweet potatoes, delicata, acorn and butternut squash. Sweet Hakurei turnips.  Good potatoes too.

GARNER:  SWEET CORN. collards, kohlrabi, white salad turnips.  Black eyed peas. Heirloom and field tomatoes, beans (wax, green and Roma), eggplants, zucchini, shelled cranberry beans, peppers of all colors spilling out of those bright green bushels plus sweet potatoes (Red Covington and White O'Henry), green acorn, butternut,  festival, spaghetti and  delicata carnival winter squash.  Garlic. Onions. Mustard Greens. Boc Choi, tatsoi, Pickling cukes and Straight Eights. All the summer squash.

TRUCK PATCH VEGETABLES:  Salad central. Butternut and Acorn squash, colorful heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, eggplant. Broccoli, Cauliflower, arugula, mesclun, basil, spinach, kale, beets.  That Spinach is amazing and I wowed a group of French friends with an arugula and mesclun salad topped with the Keswick blue cheese.

Truck Patch Meats and Eggs: Stock up for Oktoberfest with a dozen different sausages.   And from the pastured pork side of the farm: smoked bacon (slab and sliced), fresh slab bacon, sausages, uncured hotdogs, pork chops, pork steak, spare ribs, country ribs, shoulder butt, boneless shoulder roast, loin roast bone in and boneless,.  Only the early bird will get the tenderloin!  Amber hams and smoked ham slices.  also  feet, tails, hocks, leaf lard, salt pork, fresh and smoked jowl, fat back, ). Chicken, Turkey – ground and cut up.

PAINTED HAND: Sandy is bringing a BIG supply of bones from goat & lamb this weekend just in time for fall weather. As always,  she has free recipes and information about how to use the bones. Also, fresh kid goat primal cuts--whole legs, whole racks (rib/loin) and whole forequarters. These cuts range from 2.5 to 5 pounds each and are from milk-fed kids. Since they have not been frozen, you can cut them up as you want or just have a wonderful roast.

BFM is at First and R NW every Sunday from 9-1 from now until the weekend before Thanksgiving, right next to the Big Bear Cafe.

Did you know we DOUBLE EBT, WIC and Senior checks at the market?  Spread the word.

Ted, Ted, Steph and Robin
Robin Shuster
14&U Farmers' Market 
Bloomingdale Farmers' Market

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