Tuesday, September 21, 2021

come out on to the 4th Annual North Capitol Deck Over community forum at St. Martin's Church Pioneer Room -- Saturday, 09-25-2021

See this tweet:

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Daniel in brookland said...

CLEARLY re engineering North Capitol to HOPEFULLY function FOR BUSES, and mimic RIAVE, Conn. or Wisconsin, IS STUPID! FLAT OUT especially stupid with that traffic volume, DUH!
The mistakes of urban planning here are BAD!
WE MUST develop ELEVATED RAPID TRANSIT to SUPPLEMENT transit on north Cap, OF COURSE to massive new developments. up the North Capitol Corridor. WE NEED MULTI MODELL TRANSIT especially the North Capitol corridor which stupidly has little Metro. HOW DUMB is THHAT! A Monorail, or innovative shuttle/light rail, etc. elevated to serve from Union Station or def. NOMA thru R.I.Ave. to North Capitol, WHC, McMillan Park, and even connect to Red, Green, Yellow lines, Brookland, Fort Totten and beyond. that really eliminates auto use as it connects everyone to Union Station, ergo DC Airports. Metro expansion is what we need.
ON YOUR McMILLAN PARK, WE have filed in Federal court with Jimmie Boykin,
United States District Court 21-CV-1279 APM
Proper urban planning PLANS, actually plans! Office of Planning is FAILING US MISERABLY and basically an arm of VMP, and the mercenary dev. GROWTH MACHINE.
URBAN PLANNING IS___We plan and CREATE multi model transit to REDUCE traffic, remember? Rapid transit NEEDED improvement, real change!!!BUILT Coordinating 36,000 new units Bowser is building, massive residential developments in the thousands of nearby units. From NOMA to AFRH, inc. 81 acres of development with 5000 parking spaces at Armed Forces Retirement Home just North of Michigan. THINK TRAFFIC IS BAD NOW ____JUST WAITE!

A decking WHY NOT, how about MANY DECKINGS, its fine idea, maybe a new Town Square COMMUNITY, REMEMBER, , much needed and WE SAVE McMillan Park,

McMillan we can grow "Vertical agriculture and farmed fish" in the climatically stable 20 acres under ground concrete structures, that once filtered our drinking water through sand beds.
The Bowser plan to demolish these massive concrete chambers is simply unwise, as this is a stable safe available space , even a potential emergency shelter for tens of thousands, God forbid but "who knows", and DC Water is right now using it to reduce the devastating flooding, so God knows we need to protect our environment. So folks, no one ever regretted saving Central Park in New York 's Manhattan. Wise to keep what is good and open and green, and find many other civic benefits in adaptive re-use of this fascinating historic site, that we own.
Like NY we need access to the reservoir as well ,113 acres of our green space for jogging, walking and meeting our friends, picnics, music, memorials, rallies, and festivals, even outdoor schools to stop covid. Please voice your support to the City Council and join us www.savemcmillan.org