Monday, August 29, 2016

attempted armed mugging just now on the unit block of Randolph Place NW

See this 08-29-2016 11:00 pm message from a household on the unit block of Randolph Place NW:

My niece just endured an attempted armed mugging in front of our house while she was looking for her keys.  There were two assailants.  One of them pulled out something that looked like a gun.  He was skinny, about  5'8" with short dreads, wearing black Bermuda shorts and a black shirt.  Her screaming fortunately scared them off. 
Police arrived within a few minutes.  We reported the incident, but want to just raise awareness.

Bloomingdale Village Square final report

See this 08-29-2016 message:

From: Bertha Holliday
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2016 8:02 PM


The Bloomingdale Village Square (BVS) Project, which is sponsored by the BLOOMINGDALE CIVIC ASSOCIATION seeks to increase community identity and strengthen a sense of 'place', through neighborhood engagement, history, and design of public spaces.   

Major project funding was provided by the DC Humanities Council, with additional funding  provided by the Bloomingdale Civic Association and ANC 5E.. The BVS Project Committee consisted of nearly 30 persons , who as documented in the attached Final Report, provided assistance collectively valued at more than $81,000! 

A BVS 5-hour Community Forum was conducted on 5/21/2016 and attended by more than 75 persons.  A second 'Mini Forum" focused on additional vetting of the BVS Architectural & Design Plan will be held in the very near future.  If you didn't attend the 5/21/2016 event, then Please Come! 


Bertha G., Holliday, PhD & Associates, LLC

Independent Consultant (Diversity Assessment, Planning, Implementation & Evaluation)

49 T Street, NW

Washington, DC 20001


Co- Director

Bloomingdale Village Square Project

"Building Community

 Identity & Sense of Place"

Commissioner, ANC 5E07

Washington, DC

FY 2017 Great Streets Small Business Grant application is now open; North Capitol Street is an eligible service area

See this Great Streets message.

Be advised that North Capitol Street is an eligible service area for this year's Great Streets grants program.

Here is a link to the FY 2017 Great Streets Small Business Grant Request for Applications.

From: Great Streets <>
Date: August 29, 2016 at 7:00:32 PM EDT
Subject: Great Streets Application is open!

Great Streets will be hosting community events in all of the corridors from September to mid-October. Come and talk with us to learn more about the program.

Text "GreatStreets" to 41411 to receive our calendar of Information Sessions

Connect with us

Great Streets | 1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 226, Washington, DC 20004
Sent by in collaboration with

a request to remember your neighbors who don’t have Email with your next BBQ’s, picnics, etc.

See this 08-29-2016 message from a neighbor along Crispus Attucks Park:

Dear Bloomingdale Neighbors,

As fall rolls around I always notice a divergence amongst groups the neighborhood, in the CA park, etc. When I moved here it was because this was a neighborhood where a diverse group of people greeted each other warmly as they came home from church or  stood outside their homes, etc. Although it still continues, I just want to remind some of us (probably not people reading this newsletter unfortunately) to greet, to say hello but more over include people on your block, some who have lived here more than 40 years, with your next bbqs, picnics. Not everyone has email, ya know?  I think this is redundant to say to you guys, but  

Bloomingdale is more than a place to live. It is a community where people care about one another.  

Let’s keep it that way.

PARKing Day coming up on Friday, 09-16-2016 -- and Bloomingdale won't be participating (again)

DDOT's PARKing Day uses only metered parking spaces. 

The PARKing Day program does not accommodate parking spaces that are not metered.

And Bloomingdale has no metered parking spaces.

So the closest PARKing Day space, I suspect, will be over in NoMa.

Bloomingdame: two Hofgard homes now in DC DHCD portfolio -- 160 Adams St NW & 36 Channing St NW -- will DHCD remove the pop-up third floors on its Hofgard houses?

See these tweets:

WAMU 88.5 News@wamu885news         
Developer who settled for $1.3M over shoddy house flips has 6 properties taken away — they'll be affordable housing:
9:56 AM - 29 Aug 2016

- 2 Hofgard homes now in portfolio. Guess that explains no dumping sign.
10:02 AM - 29 Aug 2016

Another tweet:


And see this related Curbed DC post.

A question a neighbor asks:

Will DHCD remove the pop-up third floor on its Hofgard houses?

WCP Housing Complex: "D.C. Moves Ahead on McMillan Redevelopment"

Click on the link to read the entire Washington City Paper Housing Complex post:

D.C. Moves Ahead on McMillan Redevelopment    
The District is looking for a firm to design and prepare the site.
Aug. 29, 2016 9:34 a.m.
Despite protests from community activists who want to preserve the old property, D.C. is proceeding with redevelopment of Northwest's McMillan Sand Filtration site. 
The embattled Department of General Services released a solicitation late last week for the controversial multimillion-dollar McMillan project. Companies interested in applying for demolition and subsequent construction of a park and a 17,500-square-foot, LEED-certified community center on the southern portion of the land have until Sept. 20 to submit proposals. The work is expected to be rewarded in October, with an anticipated completion in May 2019. The budget for this portion of the redevelopment is $59 million.
"The design-builder's work will generally be localized in two of the seven parcels—parcels 6 and 7—however it will also include selective demolition of the entire site as well as various other streetscape improvements," the document reads. "Time is of the essence with respect to the contract"—"substantial completion" by April 2019.

The open-air site is composed of six parcels bounded by Michigan Avenue NW, First Street NW, Channing Street NW, and North Capitol Street NW. District officials have said the redevelopment will lead to more than $1 billion in tax revenue over 30 years and thousands of long-term jobs. Critics have appealed to McMillan's history in reply.

Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park mentioned in this Urban Turf post

Click on the link to read the entire DC Urban Turf post:

The Other Reason DC’s Housing Inventory is So Low

The conversations and articles surrounding DC’s low inventory of homes for sale usually focus on the small number of homes that are being listed every month.
However, a little known metric monitored by Real Estate Business Intelligence is an equally critical indicator of the city’s housing supply.

omelettes for brunch yesterday at El Camino

See this tweet from El Camino:

Crisp Kitchen & Bar home delivery message yesterday

See this Instagram message from Crisp Kitchen and Bar:

Confit Pork Belly yesterday at Boundary Stone Public House

See this Instagram message from Boundary Stone Public House:

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins yesterday at Grassroots Gourmet

See this Instagram message from Grassroots Gourmet:

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Metropolitan Wesley AME Zion Church's Community Block Party and Crab Feast -- Saturday, 09-10-2016

See this 08-28-2016 message from Metropolitan Wesley AME Zion Church at North Capitol & R Street NW:

Dear Bloomingdale Neighbors:

You are cordially invited to Metropolitan Wesley AME Zion Church's Community Block  Party and Crab Feast, Saturday, September 10, 2016, 1:00pm-4:00pm. 

Come help us celebrate and enjoy free food, drinks, activities  and information, all happening at our Block Party (1712 North Capitol and R Streets-NW, Washington, DC.- R Street will be blocked off during the party). 

For those who would like to participate in the Crab Feast (CF), please call one of the individuals, whose name is listed on the flyer. The CF is a fun raiser for our building restoration!  All you can eat for $65.00. The deadline to participate has been extended.   

The church appreciates the generosity of the neighbors on R Street and thank them for allowing the church to use their street for this event!  We hope you and your family will join us for fun, food and fellowship.  

See you soon!

Teri Janine Quinn quoted in WCP article titled "The Other Side of Cathy Lanier’s Legacy"

Click on the link to read the entire Washington City Paper article.

Bloomingdale ANC5E Commissioner and Chair Teri Janine Quinn is quoted.

The Other Side of Cathy Lanier’s Legacy
The outgoing police chief may be credited with deep community ties, but critics say she’s dealt a blow to neighborhood policing.
Aug. 25, 2016 8:30 a.m.

Teri Janine Quinn, an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in Ward 5, says she’d like to see Lanier’s policies “tweaked not scrapped.” She doesn’t want a “feel-good approach” that just pushes crime to another area. “If you’ve got big white vans everywhere, you’re not doing anything you might be doing somewhere else,” she says.
Lanier addressed the issue of visibility recently at the scene of the July shooting death of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich. She told DCist that a police car posted near the scene of the crime was for purposes of visibility, but that she had no plans to maintain around-the-clock “stationary posts.” Said Lanier,  “Stationary posts are not that effective, honestly. The criminals know where you are.” 

beating the heat at today's Bloomingdale Farmers Market

Date: August 26, 2016 at 8:48:18 PM GMT+2
Beating the Heat at BFM

Hi BFM Friends,

We got back yesterday to find that our AC system is broken and the nearest part is in TEXAS, so no cool, dry air for us until early next week.  My husband has fled to an air conditioned coffee shop and I am thinking cooling thought on the ground floor of our house while I finish up the market email. It is only 83 in the dining room and if I don't move anything but my fingers, I can pretend it is 78!

So, I am all about cooling foods this week.  Drinks like Eric's fresco sodas from last week's chef demo. Or a watermelon cooler a friend served us a week ago.  She just blended watermelon and lime -- it was a gorgeous color and so refreshing. Gazpacho, of course, won't raise the temperature.  Cucumber drinks are equally refreshing and I love Cucumber Agua Fresca.  Tomato salads with mint and chives and cheese taker about 3 minutes to make..   Lightly boiled green beans or young lima beans (American edameme!) and dress them in olive oil and lemon or that pesto you made the other day.  And if you did not, make it this week. If you have some steamed potatoes, you can go Italian and add them to the green bean salad with pesto.   Whisked's pies and quiches are a meal maker.  Mixed fruit salads from Reid are my favorite hot weather dessert, topped with ricotta or yogurt from Keswick.  Add mint or basil.

Here are some other ideas:
Glamming up melon with sparkling wine mades not cooking look and feel and taste elegant.
Marinate some toybox tomatoes for a different tomato salad inspired by Shaw's Hazel.
Panzanella was a huge hit at several dinners I went to in Provence.  Tim Carman had a Panzanella revelation.


  • Mountain View has a fill -the -basket sale on all tomatoes--big discount!
  • Garner may have figs this week!  If so, stuff them with some ricotta and drizzle some honey over them.
  • Reminder: Truck Patch has greens all season -- instant salad.

MOUNTAIN VIEW ORGANIC: Did you know that Attila was trying out California dry farming tiny Early Girl toms? They are tomatoes that are not watered because stressing them (denying them water) sweetens them.  Check out the Asian varieties of eggplant and bicolor yellow and green squash. Attila, the Hungarian pepper whisperer, loves his hot and sweet peppers.  Blues, Red Gold potatoes. Shallots. Onions in yellow, purple and white. Squash and zucchini. cherry tomatoes and beets. Mountain View loves growing unusual varieties and everything is certified organic.

NUMBER 1 SONS: Caitlin writes: NEWS for Chileheads:  Special fermented green sauce! Hotter than Salsa So Verde. NEW: Sour Green Tomatoes The loveliest mini green tomatoes from Amish farms in PA. They're fermented with purple + white onions and smattering of carrots. A bit of Italian spicing. Delicious! This is a small batch that we'll only have this summer.  On the pickle front: Half Sours + Crispy Koshers are back!

REID: Peaches and Peaches and Nectarines and Apples and berries!

KESWICK: Cold meals start here with yogurt and ricotta and lots of great cheeses.

WHISKED!:  Oven-roasted corn, sliced cherry tomatoes, and freshly chopped basil are mixed into their creamy egg filling, tucked into a flaky crust, and baked until golden. We're moving into late summer produce (think tomatoes, sweet corn, and blackberries), and here at their flavors. Blueberry Lemon. Bourban Pecan. Peach. Peach Raspberry. Salted Caramel Apple. Sea Salt Chocolate Chess. Bacon Cheddar Onion. NEW Roasted Corn, Tomato & Basil. Kale and Feta. Tomato, roasted Garlic & Goast Cheese.

Have your heard that Daniele and Mateo and Roland have opened Osteria Al Volo in Adams Morgan in the old Pasta Mia space? James (MyColumbia Mushrooms) was thrilled with the pasta dish they made with his mushrooms and I can't wait to eat there tonight .And because they now have their very own kitchen again (no more sharing space at Union Kitchen), they will start to bring more soups and prepared foods (and maybe even ice cream in the future) as well as their superb Florentine pasta. On the 14th street side of the market. 

TRUCK PATCH FARMS:  Bryan prides himself on his tomatoes. Many, many varieties of Heirloom tomatoes, okra, green beans, many varieties of summer squash. Arugula, mesclun, spinach, kale, chards, eggplants, bunches of basil, cukes.

Meat Department:  Pork: a dozen different sausages, bacons, pork chops, salt pork, chops, pork sirloins, pork steaks, country ribs, spare ribs, butt roast, boneless shoulder roast, boneless and bone-in loin roasts to grill or barbecue.,

A Tip worth repeating: I salt pork and chicken (and all meats) 24 hours in advance, an easy dry brine.  It does not make the meat salty just deeply flavorful.  Add other herbs or a dry rub of spices as well.  Grill.

GARNER: Cantaloupes.Gala Melon. Watermelon in yellow and seedless reds. Corn. Many varieties of eggplants, 7 different summer squash, peppers in green and rred, okra, basil, potatoes, primo red tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers for slicing and pickling, beans, chard, garlic, candy onions. green beans. Greens. The Lima beans are American edamames. Bicolor "awesome" sweet corn. Red, white and Yukon spuds. Parsley, Basil and Cilantro.  Make Pesto with them. 

PANORAMA: French breakfast pastries like palmiers, almond croissants plus the plain and chocolate crosisants, baguettes, the olive oil buns that grace the 25 dollar hamburgers at Central and the Rustiques they serve you at Citronelle and Cityzen.  Sandwich breads, too.  If they are out of a bread you crave, ask them to save one for you for next week.  Late risers:  they have lots of whole wheat, multigrain and sourdough boules and loaves that sell out early.  So reserve what you want!  Email if you do not see something you want, please.

everyone you know that Produce Plus continues and if they have not signed up, they only need to bring their DC picture ID plus a SNAP, WIC, SENIOR FMNP, TANF or MEDICAID card to get $10 of free fruits and veggies.  We are still signing people up.

Teds, Danielle and Robin

118 S Street NW listed by Bloomingdale resident and Long & Foster realtor Angela Jones

From: Angela Jones
Sent: Saturday, August 27, 2016 1:56 PM
Subject: Know anyone wanting to move to Bloomingdale!
118 S St NW


Angela Jones
(202) 494-6797


Please contact me for more information on this property, for a free Comparative Market Analysis to determine the value of your home, or for any other real estate-related needs. I’m happy to help!

118 S St NW Washington, DC 20001
4 Bed / 1.1 Bath / 1,754 sq ft
Lot size 1593.0 sq ft

Contact me with any questions:
Angela Jones | #AB98371687 DC,#0225 101570 VA,#588079 MD
(202) 494-6797 (Mobile)

(202) 526-7141 (Office)
3527 - 12th Street NE Washington, DC 20017
Long & Foster

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