Thursday, January 29, 2015

neighbor reports daytime home invasion with property theft on the unit block of V St NW yesterday, Wednesday, 01-28-2015

See this 01-28-2015 message:

"Sad to report we were robbed today on the unit block of V St NW. Thank goodness all they took were two bottom-of-the-line TVs and an ancient iPad, and banged up some of our doors but still very upsetting for us and our young child to come home to.  We have a security system- but when we armed it from our phones, the arm command didn't take. The thieves then struck in the middle of the day. Kudos to the 5D police being great about taking a fast and comprehensive report and putting our child at ease.  For all- please be careful! 
If you have a system, arm with your security system panel before you leave the house, to be most certain.  Consider your other physical security options, and just plain be cautious- our beautiful Bloomingdale is still not as safe as we all would like."

Comcast down last night in parts of Bloomingdale

See this tweet from last night:

down for anyone in
10:07 PM - 28 Jan 2015 

yes on Bryant St. I called and an automated message indicated trouble in the area with a 1am fix time.
10:46 PM - 28 Jan 2015 

Brookland resident Daniel Wolkoff: Written testimony to HPRB Case HP-15-133

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 23:59:33 +0000
Subject: Fw: Written testimony to HPRB Case HP-15-133

please post my testimony on Edgewood List serve(where i have been blocked in the past), Brookland Listserv and Bloomingdale Blog
McMillan is the only park where your kids can safely play, bike in a large outdoor open green space. send in testimony to HPRB 
Save McMillan Park

Written testimony to HPRB Case HP-15-133
Proposed Subdivision of McMillan Site
Daniel Goldon Wolkoff
McMillan coalition for Sustainable Agriculture
1231 Randolph Street NE
Washington, DC 20017
 The real issue is the theft from the people of the city and the nation of a significant work of landscape architecture and industrial design by turn-of-the-20th century master designers, brought to Washington by Senator McMillan, an important historic site, a critical public amenity, and a potentially important backup system for clean water. 
Senator McMillan and Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. must be turning in their graves, to see the dereliction of Historic Preservation perpetrated by the DC HPRB, the HPRB Staff, and it's collusion with DC govt. agencies, OP, DMPED, DC Zoning Commission, the Mayor's Agent , DC City Council and Mayor Vincent Gray(still un-indicted).

The HPRB and it's Staff, and all these so-called officials, need to read YOUR own Nomination to the National Register, as the Vision McMillan Partners Billion dollar theft of public assets slides along on institutional government corruption.
please read YOUR OWN nomination to understand the loss to our city and nation:
National Register of Historic Places nomination ( ) by DC Office of Historic Preservation architect Kim Williams.
She describes a remarkably intact, fascinating, even charming engineering marvel. Our heratige, that you, the worshipers of corporate profits, are asking to demolish and over build with 50 hideous brutalist structures, 6 asphalt paved "private" streets, 3000 asphalt paved parking spaces and 20,000 additional choking automobile congestion in this neighborhood each day.. To super urbanize the last large green space in DC, as crass suburban office and condo park on our publicly owned land. 
Most disgusting and offensive, is the corruption and malfeasance surrounding this theft. How can all the evaluations, oversight, Zoning, Mayor's Agent, City Council and Mayor's " Surplus and Land Disposition" and all DC agencies charged with protecting the commons, be RUNNING concurrently, and not be declared COERCIVE and be rejected as corrupt?
Do you, HPRB et al.,  expect us to believe that these agencies have evaluated this humongous multi-billion dollar development plan, objectively? While simultaneously, the City Council is perpetrating the "public to corporate GIVE-AWAY" of the McMillan,  25 acres of prime central DC land to the powerful development conglomerate, and as of  today, paying them over $150 million in public money, for still un-estimated engineering costs. All happening in the hottest real estate market in DC history, and smack on top of a disastrous infrastructure failure, of storm water runoff and human sewage flooding into area homes? Do you really expect us to believe you?
Not everyone  in this city is that naive, and we will see you in court!
Is this not corrupt COLLUSION as the Deputy Mayor is both applicant and regulator at the same time, and all evaluative agencies are under the same DC office?  Do you really expect us to believe the Mayor's Agent can carry out the DC Historic Preservation Laws, and be objective in protecting our public interest, when he had not even heard the community opposition, while the DC Zoning Commission approved the "Monstrosity on Michigan Avenue" and City Council voted unanimously to "give away" McMillan in a 30 second Council vote with no questions asked and no comments at all!

Where is all this "protection of DC historic laws, and the public interest, when in December 2013, Deputy Mayor at DMPED M. Jeffrey Miller hired the Jamie Fontaine PR firm to "neutralize opposition",  "create the impression of community support for the development plan" and "muzzle the media"? When does the HPRB and it's staff do the job you are paid for, enforcing the DC and Federal Historic Preservation laws, to protect DC public wealth, the commons, by the people of DC for the people!
Long time activist for McMillan Park, landscape architect Mary Pat Rowan reveals the PR firm “astroturf campaign” in this City Council Committee Oversight hearing with Muriel Bowser. In this "oversight" hearing Jeff Miller lies to Chairperson Bowser's face, that the government did not pay for the "sleaze campaign", she says it doesn't look good to the public, and odes nothing at all.
The DC government is an international embarrassment, and so are all these collusive, manipulative, deceptive, dishonest and  corrupt agencies, departments and review boards! 
Our city could be a world leader in culture, and art, and provide the long term planning that requires, but for the destructiveness, mediocrity and hypocrisy of your work!
For our children and the future of our city, you can be ashamed, because,
stolen is the possibility for a badly needed world-class cultural and recreational facility, a Glen Echo type historic educational/arts campus for our families and young, a Wolf Trap in DC  outdoor concert stage, skating rinks, libraries, and community building activities demanded by the people of DC since 1945. 
The HPRB participation in the  demolition of the site's underground water filtration vaults is a crime against our clean water security and violates the  international movement of sustainable adaptive-reuse, the most green building is the one "already built"!
The critical preservation, NOT DEMOLITION, of the 20 acres underground, allows for saving the entire 25 acre surface park for our children, and provides for "vertical indoor agriculture", the future of local food production. Fresh produce food , a nutrition and exercise hub, creates the exciting potential for Sustainable large scale "indoor agriculture" and Family Fish Network. With proven vertical indoor growing technology we could convert the McMillan/Olmsted Park caverns to a fully functional, local food production facility, making it a truly sustainable site. Imagine superior organic fresh fruit, vegetables and Family Farmed Fish freshly produced right here in DC , no longer trucked from California, Florida and Mexico. Thirty five percent of trucks on the road are transporting food!
                          Please see this fascinating video on our exciting future in urban agriculture 
This special site needs to be preserved for public use. The declaration by Mayor Gray that “there is no longer any public use for the land”, is an insulting lie and abuse of power. This tiny group of arrogant, self important, appointed and barely elected DC officials must not be in charge of $18 billion in development investment. We have no checks or balances!
The lack of such amenities, especially open green space, in this part of the city and the contrast with the number and quality of parks in the NW quadrant is another important aspect of the scandal.
This staff report below,  is offensive double speak and must be rejected. The staff and HPRB are violating their legally required protection of DC historic site at McMillan. They failed in their role since 1987, and now this final obnoxious indignity to our heritage is being committed to move our wealth , $billions and our land, and park space, to mediocre development conglomerate VMP.. HPRB and Staff are participating in a massive theft of public wealth. David Maloney "State Historic Preservation Officer" wrote a letter to DC Zoning to bypass the Federal Historic Covenants placed on the site, that letter was absurd double speak, and David Maloney should be fired, along with any staff that participated in this THEFT OF PUBLIC LAND.

"The HPO recommends that the Board find that the subdivision
of the McMillan Sand Filtration Site is incompatible with the character
of the landmark but reconfirm to the Mayor’s Agent that the master 
plan has been developed to mitigate many of the adverse effects
of the subdivision in the event that the project is found to be one of
special merit."
HPRB staff and review board, do you really believe it was worth this treason against the public interest to keep your jobs? Are you going to VMP, EYA, Jair Lynch or Trammel Crow or Holland And Knight next, a lucrative job offer possibly?
Your profession is diminished by this insult to it's integrity.
Daniel Goldon Wolkoff
McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture
1231 Randolph Street, NE
Washington, DC 20017
Tel: 202-232-8391

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

here is the link to watch the live webcast for tomorrow's HPRB hearing, whose agenda includes McMillan

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 15:55:03 -0500
Subject: [HistoricWashington] HPRB Live Video Webcast - January 29 2015

Greetings:   Tomorrow's HPRB hearing will be webcast live at 9:00 am. Citizens may view the hearing at this URL:  Please select "View Live Video".
The agenda and staff reports are accessible on our website at:

Bruce Yarnall
Operations and Grants Manager
DC Historic Preservation Office/Office of Planning
1100 4th Street SW  Suite E650
Washington, DC 20024
T – (202) 442-8835
F -  (202) 442-7638

DC Water 1st Street Tunnel project update: Here comes the Tunnel Boring Machine !

Subject: RE: First Street Tunnel Project Update: Here Comes The Tunnel Boring Machine!
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 17:24:42 +0000

DC Water Contact: Emanuel D. Briggs, Manager, Community Outreach (202) 787-2003

January 28, 2015
Here Comes The Tunnel Boring Machine! 

Cutter Head, trailing gear, associated parts and equipment will be delivered to the First Street Tunnel site north of Channing Street

 With this message, DC Water is notifying residents and other First Street Tunnel stakeholders of the arrival of the First Street Tunnel Project Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM). The delivery process will begin with the arrival of 9 shipping containers holding smaller pieces of the TBM on Wednesday, January 28 and Thursday, January 29.  Larger pieces of the TBM will begin arriving next week.

All deliveries of the TBM equipment will take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday evenings, and all off- loading will occur during daytime hours following the previous evening delivery. There will be no deliveries made Friday through Sunday.

In an attempt to minimize disruption to the Bloomingdale neighborhood, large deliveries will be made during nighttime hours via Michigan Avenue NW and First Street NW. The wide-load trucks being used for the deliveries will be escorted to the construction site by a police detail and this will slow traffic as the convoy moves through the area. No TBM equipment will be delivered via Channing Street NW nor any other local streets in the Bloomingdale neighborhood.

The largest section of the TBM will be stored on site adjacent to the shaft. Some pieces, including containers and trailing gear, will be placed on First Street, north of the shaft site.

No additional on street parking spaces or street closures will be required for this effort.

We apologize for any traffic delays. However, we anticipate that late night deliveries will reduce disruption to the local community to the extent possible.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please call the First Street Tunnel Project 24/7 Hotline at 844 FST-INFO (844-378-4636).

tomorrow before the HPRB: McMillan

Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 15:53:20 -0500
Subject: [HistoricWashington] HPRB Agenda and Consent Calendar January 22 and 29 2015

Greetings: This document and staff reports related to the January 22 and January 29 Historic Preservation Review Board Meeting and Public Hearings are posted on our website at: 
January 22 and 29, 2015
The Historic Preservation Review Board will meet to consider the following items on January 22 and 29, 2015.  The meetings will begin at 9:00 a.m. at 441 4th Street NW in Room 220 South.  Applicants and those interested in testifying should arrive at least fifteen minutes prior to the assigned time for the case.
January 22, 2015
A.            240 9th Street NE, HPA 15-134, concept/addition to garage
B.            21 7th Street NE, HPA 15-152, concept/rear deck and siding
C.            213 11th Street SE, HPA 15-052, concept/addition to garage and trellis
D.            3601 35th Street NW, HPA 15-070, concept/side addition, stairwell enclosure, and garage demolition
E.            2138 O Street NW, HPA 15-167, third-floor addition and roof deck
F.            1527 12th Street, NW, HPA 15-097, rear addition and areaway
G.           3779 Ely Place, SW, HPA 15-136, demolition and replacement of Ft. DuPont Ice Arena
H.            3240 19th Street NW, HPA 15-102, concept/roof addition and roof deck
1.            9:15 – 9:30                           Editors Building, 1729 H Street NW, Case #13-02
                                                [continuation of December 18, 2014 hearing]     
2.   9:30 – 10:30         Western High School (Duke Ellington School of the Arts), 3500 R Street NW,HPA 14-133, revisions to concept
3.   10:30 – 11:15        3456 Macomb Street NW, 15-113, concept/exterior elevator shaft
4.   11:15 – 12:00        2820 Ordway Street NW, 15-138, concept/side addition
12:00 – 1:00       LUNCH BREAK
5.   1:00 – 2:30                     Kalorama Playground Archeological Site/Kalorama Playground, 1875 Columbia Road NW, HPA 15-132, concept/new plaza, erosion control
                2:30 – 2:45           BREAK
6.    2:45 – 4:45            Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, 901 G St NW, HPA 15-137, concept/roof addition, interior and exterior alterations                                             
January 29, 2015
I.             7220 Blair Road NW, HPA 14-719, concept/new garage construction
7.    9:00 – 9:45           645 Maryland Ave NE, HPA 15-065, concept/ rear and roof addition
8.    9:45 – 10:30         510 Independence Ave SE, HPA 15-095, concept/rear and roof addition
9.    10:30 – 11:15       1508 Caroline Street NW, HPA 15-147, roof and rear addition
10.  11:15 – 12:00       440 Ridge Street NW, HPA 15-135, concept/addition, third story on two-story frame rowhouse
12:00 – 1:00       LUNCH BREAK
11.    1:00 – 1:45         448 Ridge Street NW, HPA 15-061, concept/four three-story rowhouses
12.    1:45 – 2:30    McMillan Sand Filtration Site, 2501 1st Street, NW, HPA 15-133, subdivision
13.    2:30 – 3:30         McMillan Sand Filtration Site, 2501 1st Street, NW, HPA 15-090, concept/mixed use, multiple dwelling building with ground-level retail on north service corridor
Bruce Yarnall
Operations and Grants Manager
DC Historic Preservation Office/Office of Planning
1100 4th Street SW  Suite E650
Washington, DC 20024
T – (202) 442-8835
F -  (202) 442-7638

life at Flagler and Adams St NW these days -- DC Water project

See this tweet and pic: 

7:36 AM - 23 Jan 2015

And this is how it used to look...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DC Water tunnel boring machine arrival

Subject: Tunnel Boring Machine Arrival
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 22:02:08 +0000

Greetings First Street Tunnel Stakeholders,

Please see the attached community update regarding the arrival of the First Street Tunnel Tunnel Boring Machine.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact me or Vickey at 202.787.4738 or 202.787.4717 respectively.

Thank you,


Tom Lindberg, DCCR First Street Tunnel - Public Outreach DC Clean Rivers Project | DC Water 5000 Overlook Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20032 t (202) 787-4738 f (202) 787-4478 | Email: | FST web page:

Vickey M. Wilcher | Public Outreach Officer DC Clean Rivers Project | DC Water
| (202) 787-4717

Ward 5 Community Liaisons from the Mayor's Office Tommie Jones and Malik Williams: Snow and city services

Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 12:31:18 -0500
Subject: Fwd: Snow and city services

Please post this message from Ward 5 mayoral ​liaisons on listserve & blog.  Thanks.
                                                                                      Date: Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 8:41 AM
Subject: Snow and city services
Cc: "Williams, Malik (EOM)" <>
Dear Commissioners:
Malik and I are committed to serving you and the residents of Ward 5.   We are taking a proactive approach to making sure snow is removed and city services are maintained throughout the Ward.   Please call or email us if you have any concerns or issues with the snow so that we can have them addressed immediately.
Below find our contact information as we'll. We are here to help you anytime.
Your Ward 5 Community Liaisons

-Tommie and Malik

Contact us at: 

Malik email:
Malik Cell: 202-340-7141

Tommie email:
Tommie Cell: 202-664-7512

Ward 5 office # 202-535-1937

Tommie  Jones

Ward 5 Outreach and Community Liaison
Mayor's Office of Community Relations
Mayor Muriel Bowser Administration
Telephone: 202-664-7512 (cell)
202-535-1937 (office)

community feedback requested on proposed expansion of Howard University Campus Police jurisdiction

Subject: Community Feedback Requested on Proposed Expansion of University Campus Police Jurisdiction
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 14:22:19 +0000
Dear Neighbors:
Please circulate this announcement among your networks.
Dear Community Partner:
You are invited to attend the first Howard University Community Advisory Committee meeting of the year, which will be held on Thursday, January 29th at 6:00 p.m. at the Howard University Community Association office located at 2731 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001.
The sole agenda item will be the proposed University Safety Act which is designed to align District law with federal regulations under the Clery Act which requires colleges and universities to disclose information about crime that occurs on and around their campuses.  We welcome community feedback on provisions in the proposal.
The law being proposed would:
expand the area around the campus deemed subject to the reporting of crime statistics; 
give universities broader authority to address student misconduct that takes place off-campus; and
give the Mayor or a university President the ability to request the assistance of other campus police personnel in cases of emergency, thus allowing the Metropolitan Police Department to focus their resources elsewhere.
Thank you for helping us inform our neighbors of this meeting.
Maybelle Taylor Bennett
Howard University Community Association
2731 Georgia Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001
Ph: (202) 806-4771
Fx: (202)  667-5964

Bloomingdale Civic Association votes to support the three current zoning exceptions/variances

The Bloomingdale Civic Association last night voted to support the three pursued zoning exceptions & variances for:

  • 2007 1st St NW (the former Micro Mart)
  • 115 V St NW
  • 34 V St NW

I don't know the status of the pursued zoning variances for 34 Quincy Place NW.


the two new Ward 5 MOCRs are Malik Williams and Tommie Jones

Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Engagement

The two new people Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Engagement (MOCRs) for Ward 5 are:

  • Malik Williams
  • Tommie Jones


Monday, January 26, 2015

Bloomingdale resident and author Eric Ham: "Boko Haram - America's Overlooked Enemy"

Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 12:07:00 -0600
From:  Eric Ham
Subject: Boko Haram: America's Overlooked Enemy
Boko Haram continues to escalate its rein of terror moving into neighboring Cameroon. Secretary Kerry visited Nigeria yesterday as my latest article is released examining what it all means for U.S. National Security. The article is attached or you can read it in its original form by clicking here.
Eric Ham, Contributor/Analyst
The Hill Newspaper
Arise News

see the new signage for Nest DC at 87 Florida Avenue NW

Here you go:

Sunday, January 25, 2015

petition to Mayor Bowser for a moratorium on pop-up construction

I received this Email this evening -- posting for your information:

Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2015 19:07:33 -0500
Subject: Petition to Mayor Bowser for a Moratorium on Pop-up Construction
Good morning,
I am a member of StopthePopDC and am writing to request that you inform your members about a city-wide petition to the mayor and other DC officials requesting an immediate moratorium on the approval of building permits for pop-up construction.  As you may know, "pop-up" is the name used to describe a single-family rowhome that is converted into multifamily condominiums by adding more floors and building massive additions in the rear.  Many District residents are extremely concerned with the increase in pop-up developments in our neighborhoods.  StopthePopDC is a community group working to curb the practice of pop-ups.
DC's Office of Planning and Zoning Commission are revising the zoning regulations to limit the size, scale and location of pop-ups.  However, any relief granted could be months away. We are requesting that city officials impose an immediate moratorium on the approval of building permits for pop-up construction until the new rules are in place.  
Please print 5-10 copies of the attached signature page and place them on your information tables at your meetings.  Please also print and include the petition letter and Mayor Bowser's letter, which are attached.  Please contact us at this email address or at 703-864-1148 or 202-460-9676  to arrange for pick-up of the petitions.
We also have an online petition for the moratorium.  Below is the link.  Please post this link in your newsletters and on your website and forward it to others who may be interested.
Please use the paragraph below or a variation of it when you post and share the petition online.
StopthePopDC, a community group working to curb the practice of developers converting single-family rowhomes into multifamily apartment buildings (“pop-ups” or “pop-up buildings”), is requesting your support on a petition to Mayor Bowser.  The petition asks the Mayor and other city officials to place an immediate moratorium on the approval of building permits for pop-up buildings until city agencies have revised the zoning rules (to address pop-ups) and put them into effect.  If you are a District resident, please support this request by signing the petition.  Please forward this petition to everyone you know.  For more information, please visit us on Facebook, Twitter (@StopthePopDC) and Instagram (  Thank you for your support. 
Please contact us with any questions by replying to this email address.  Thank you for your time and assistance.
Please visit us on Facebook and Twitter (@StopthePopDC).  


Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting -- Monday, 01-26-2015

See the agenda for tomorrow's Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting. 


Kojo Nnamdi show on pop-ups in DC rowhouse neighborhoods -- Monday, 01-26-2015

The Kojo Nnamdi show on Monday, 01-26-2015, at 1:00 pm, focuses upon pop-up houses in DC.  

Monday, Jan 26 • 1 p.m. (ET)

Pop-Up Houses in D.C.

Some residential neighborhoods in D.C. are developing a jagged skyline as row house owners build up -- adding on vertically to create so-called "pop-up" houses with more floors than their neighbors. We consider the practical, aesthetic and zoning issues created by pop-ups buildings.

See this message from ANC 1B Commissioner Kent Boese:
I’m inviting you to tune in to the Kojo Nnamdi show on Monday, January 26th, at 1 p.m. which will focus on the issue of ‘Pop-ups’ in our rowhouse neighborhoods. I’m honored to be among those participating in this conversation.
Additions within our city’s historic rowhouse neighborhoods, commonly referred to as ‘pop-ups’, has been in the news a lot lately. Currently, the Zoning Commission is considering a proposal from the Office of Planning (OP) that would reduce by-right construction height within these rowhouse districts from 40 ft. to 35 ft.
We all care about how our neighborhoods grow and change, and many of us – whether you support OP’s proposal as I do (see links below) or support an alternative path forward – agree that significant changes to our existing neighborhoods need a process to manage that change effectively and fairly.
New development will and should happen in our city. However, we need a balanced, fair, and predictable process that balances the needs of residents and builders alike – a process that currently does not exist in D.C.
ANC 1A Resolution in Support of OP Proposal

Testimony of Commissioner Boese before the Zoning Commission
Kent Boese