Monday, December 22, 2014

stopping pop-ups campaign

I have been asked to place this "Stop the Pop" message here at the blog.

From: "Tracy Hart, 

The “Stop the Pop” signs have arrived!

You can buy one (or more) by coming by 4213 Sixteenth Street NW (between Upshur and Varnum).

If you want a sign, please email me first at

The signs are $10 each (cash only). Any money received after the cost of the signs is recouped will go to the 16th Street Neighborhood Association. 

I will have a “Stop the Pop” sign in the yard – hopefully easy to find. 

Tracy Hart
4213 Sixteenth Street, NW

Pop Goes the Rowhouse: A Photo Tour of 16 Bonkers Pop-Ups
Pop-ups are, well, popping up around D.C., often to the chagrin of neighbors and long time residents

Daniel Wolkoff: "Revenue from park, DC government subversion of community rights"

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 07:27:25 +0000
Subject: Fw: Revenue from parks, Dc govt. subversion of community rights!

                                    Pope Francis
"we have created new idols. The worship of the ancient Golden Calf
has returned in a new ruthless guise in the idolatry of money and
the dictatorship of an impersonal economy lacking a truly human purpose"
Daniel Goldon Wolkoff
McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture
1231 Randolph Street, NE
Washington, DC 20017
Tel: 202-232-8391
Was the Pope talking about our City Council, and our Mayor Jeffrey Thompson and Visionless McMillan Partners? No, but......
The "astroturf" fake grassroots campaign to "create the impression of community support for the developers", has worked very well. The Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development has gotten alot for his $28,000 fee to the Baltimore PR firm. The District  City Council has approved the "surplus and land disposal" of a $billion project to his former employers at Trammel Crow.
Not bad for $28,000 on us.
The "talking points" that Fontaine and VMP have loaded on our community are working well and Muriel Bowser and Kenyan McDuffie, our representatives charged with oversight, do not care at all.

Parks are development, and they produce revenue. How much annual revenue does Wolf Trap produce for National Park Service, and The Wolf Trap Foundation? We need a Wolf Trap concert stage at McMillan,, with awesome architecture(unlike the hideous designs of VMP). We need skating rinks, that convert to roller skating in the summer, a Glen Echo historic restoration with 365 days a year of classes, performance, music, art, dance. Sustainable agrricullture for food /nutrition security.
As we literally watch the water and sewer infrastructure disintegrate, we need the Sand Filtration Plant preserved for clean water security. The Mayor and City Council are bypassing every legal protection to demolish the site, and prepare it for mega-development, at taxpayer expense. The district is obligated to finance over $70 million in site preparation/mitigation, an unknown amount!
We desperately need a place to train young people and the under-employed in building trades, as they restore our park/historic site.This Civilian Conservation Corp will spin-off into a rehab and renovation service for senior home owners, to help them keep up, insulate and upgrade the condition of their homes. 
We need outdoor activity, to keep us healthy, not Visionless McMillan Partners medical offices, we want to keep you out of the doctors office, not over build the last open green space for medical offices.
So the talking point is that DC needs revenue,, sure like the $25 million our government officials have wasted on fencing us out for 27 years and paid Spectrum Maintenance, $250,000 a year on some questionable contract for maintenance.
Friend's Google "Central Park revenue", remember the "Great Meadow", Delacorte Theatre, Wolman Ice Skating rink with summer concerts? Something wonderful about large open spaces in the city but  Washington's "leadership" only care about developers profits!
In NY, revenue from 21 hot dog vendors in Central Park will total $60 million in 30 years, no bonds, no demolition, no construction, no paving, no 3000 parking spaces, just grass, and trees.
One hot dog vendor in NY's Central Park, operates a pushcart at the entrance to the Central Park zoo, and pays $289,000 in fees to the city of NY. The top 20 vendors pay over $100,000 a year to NYC to operate their pushcarts and sell food in parks. That is $2.3 million a year from 21 food cart vendors, but DMPED, Mayor (still un-indicted, but offered a plea deal!) Gray, Miss Bowser, Kenyan McDuffie and the Visionless McMillan Partners "know better".  Only in DC,  parks are barren empty useless burdens on the city govt., everywhere else parks are "development".
Anyone know the annual revenue from the Glen Echo Consortium? How much business is done at the various concessions and bistro in Bryant Park in NY?
McMillan wasn't a park, according to the "talking points" of a  DMPED funded disinformation campaign from Baltimore PR firm Jamie Fontaine. Our tax dollars used to "neutralize opposition", and this is legal and from a city with Ethics reform by Muriel Bowser!
The lobbyists for Trammel Crow, Carmen Group were paid something like $250,000 in two years for lobbying 5 City Council members, one appointment each with only 5 City Council Members, Cheh, Grosso, Bowser, Barry, Alexander,,, for a quarter million of our tax dollars. If the lobbyists use the telephone or send a fax, DC taxpayers  are charged a $454.00 clerical fee!!! Ever  wonder what your taxes are being used for?
If the City Government hires VMP as consultants, they can't be spending any money on "astroturf" slime campaigns to subvert our voices, or high end lobbyists at $50,000 per council member.
Institutional corruption needs to be prosecuted by the citizens, just like the Federal Prosecutor who made the plea deal offer with Gray.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Relationship Circle at Samsara House 2023 - Tuesday, 01-06-2015

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 20:34:24 -0500
Subject: The Relationship Circle at Samsara House 2023, Tuesday, January 6th, 7:00 - 9:30PM

The Relationship Circle at Samsara House 2023, Tuesday, January 6th, 7:00 - 9:30PM

Are you wanting to start the new year with more love and joy in your professional and intimate relationships--the ones that matter most in determining your experience of this life?   Please join Samsara House 2023 in welcoming The Relationship Circle community every first Tuesday of each month, starting Tuesday January 6th, 2015.
New Year, New You!
"Existence is Relationship, and you are smack in the middle of it." 

~ Alan Watts  

About this Event: 
The Relationship Circle is about creating a community of mindful practice in the area of interpersonal relationships.  We endeavor to use our relationships themselves meditatively, as an avenue for personal transformation as well as creating more love, happiness, success and well-being in our lives.  We use self-inquiry to discover how we are the root of our experience and through an empathetic and powerful process, identify patterns and create new pathways for communication, action and relating to ourselves.  This can be a tremendously healing and empowering process.  For over three years, The Relationship Circle has supported people through finding new romantic relationships, creating success in their work and discovering a sense of wholeness that they experience in their everyday lives.
The group is led by Gregg DeMammos, an ontological life coach in private practice since 2006.  You can learn more at or find Gregg or the Relationship Circle on Facebook.
This month, we'll look at the head and the heart. What does it mean to come from head or heart in our relationships? What are we trying to accomplish? What are the challenges? By the end of the evening, we'll create insight, make declarations to take action from a new perspective and expand our lives.
Minimum suggested contribution: $10 or more
(Please help us keep our sanity by everyone registering
and offering a contribution using our Eventbrite page)


Hosted by Samsara House 2023
36 R Street NW
Washington DC 20001
Contact: 202-505-0735
Parking: 2hr Street parking on R Street NW, Best to park on Quincy or S Street NW.  Taking Metro is advised.
Metro: NoMa New York Ave Red line stop or Shaw green line for a short walk, or get off at Chinatown and take the P6 to Randolph Rd Stop or the 80 to Lincoln and R Street NE Stop (both stops 1 block from R Street NW).

Twitter: @samsarahouse
Add Google Event Calendar/E-mail:
Shift Happens at Samsara House 2023

St. Martin's Catholic Church Christmas mass schedule

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 20:16:25 -0500
Subject: Christmas Mass Schedule
   Could you please post the flyer and the below text on the blog?  Thanks so much and hope you have a great holiday season!!
St. Martin’s Catholic Church, Bloomingdale’s Catholic Church since 1901 invites you to join us in celebrating the birth of Jesus during this Christmas season.

Christmas Eve, Wednesday December 24, 2014
Children/Family Mass: 6:00PM (youth choir and living nativity)
Christmas Carols: 11:30PM (gospel choir)
Midnight Mass: Midnight (security provided)

Christmas Day, Thursday December 25, 2014
Christmas Day Mass: 10:00AM (traditional choir)

New Year’s Eve, Wednesday, December 31, 2014
New Year’s Eve Mass: 10:00PM

New Year’s Day, Thursday, January 1, 2015
New Year’s Day Mass: 10:00AM

Please check us out on the web at: and

Fr. Mike Kelley

watch the ars technica video: see a BMW i3 driven in & around Bloomingdale

A Bloomingdale resident stumbled across the ars technica post:

Click on the link above to read the ARS Techinca print article.

If you watch the video below, you will see the streets of Bloomingdale!  (You will also get to watch a Computer Associates commercial.)


BMW i3 review: A city car for the future

Exotic composites, environmental creds, and BMW's driving dynamics?

You might notice a neighbor behind the wheel, providing the review.

Happy Holidays Bloomingdale - Tom Noll display at the 1st & T Street NW parkspace

See this Instagram gram:

Holidays in the neighborhood. @ Bloomingdale
4:56 PM - 20 Dec 2014 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

67 V St NW to be converted into two dwelling units with a pop-up and a bump-out

See this tweet:

Confirmed w buyer of 67 V St that he's an investor converting home into condos w and - ugh for us & !

Happy Holidays from the Friends of McMillan Park

See this tweet and pic:

To all of our friends and neighbors, we wish you Happy Holidays!
2:10 PM - 20 Dec 2014 

Brookland resident Daniel Wolkoff: Donate to McMillan Park Legal Fund

Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2014 06:20:49 +0000
Subject: [HistoricWashington] Donate to McMillan Park Legal Fund

Tour the magical spaces of McMillan Park,

and please consider donating to our legal fund to stop the city’s plans
to demolish and sell (giveaway to park:
Please consider contributing to the fundraiser for our community fight for McMillan Park(those strange silos on N. Capitol), give yourself a 25 acre registered historic site/park for Christmas!!!!!!, you already own it!
But on Wednesday Dec. 16 our elected representatives voted in the last 2014 City Council meeting, to give away (surplus and dispose), hush, hush, the last 25 acre publicly owned parkland and green space in Ward 5, in all of DC, to conglomerate national developers , Trammel Crow, EYA  and Jair Lynch. 

Correction, once publicly owned, and completely wasted by same representatives for 28 years, at a cost of somewhere in the range of $25 million and "theft of enjoyment" from our community that cannot be calculated!


Our representatives,after years of concerted avoidance, purposeful deafness, continual admissions of "not being informed", blocking out 7000 petitions, ignoring, 100's of community testimony to City Council hearings, HPRB, Zoning Commission, Mayor's Agent, , all curiously under the Office of Planning and controlled completely by the Mayor (fraudulently elected), our City Council held a single hearing Nov. 12, *again* to ignore and block out dozens more testimony in opposition. All forms of public need and alternative uses for our land, completely ignored.

A City Council joint hearing shared by Bowser Chair of  Economic Development and McDuffie Chair of Government Operations, to get it over with faster, which no members attended other than Chair McDuffie (who exhibited limited knowledge of the issue). They voted in the Committee of the Whole Dec. 2, to move the issue to final vote. That vote took 30 seconds, and was unanimous, with not a single question or statement, from people who talk incessantly. Even Mary Cheh and Chairman Mendelson who pick apart an issue until you are ready to scream, had no questions at all. An extremely controversial  city development, fought for 27 years by the community, worth $2 billion, many more $billions to the private corporations, not a question, 30 seconds to vote approval of the giveaway??

A corporate fleecing, of a 200 plus million dollar property for $30 million, and unlimited obligation that DC will cover for unknown land mitigation and site preparation worth over $70 million. The National Harbor of N. Capitol, for years of construction, "The Monstrosity on Michigan Ave", right on top of a catastrophic infrastructure failure and multi-year mitigation tunnel project for sewage and storm water runoff flooding, 5 miles long and 28 feet in diameter, a subway more or less. Take out the 25 acre parkland, and add tens of thousands of toilets, appliances, commercial,700 condos, and massive medical office towers, only to be outdone by twice as large Armed Forces Retirement Home development across the street, and 40 more in Ward 5, damaging to the public health as well as infrastructure.

Question, what has the Mayor done, or any City Council member, Orange, McDuffie, and Grosso being our neighbors and Kenyan and Bowser with oversight, to inform us of this mega-urbanization and humongous sweet land deal to Vision(less) McMillan 

Jefferson and Madison handed down to us a democracy whose most important function of representatives was to inform the public of what the government was doing, legislate, and keep oversight.

But shockingly, the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, appointed by Gray, has hired a PR firm to "neutralize opposition", influence the media with distorted talking points, and "create the impression of community support for the development", and more divisive and subverting tactics.
The Jamie Fontaine Company was paid $28,000 in DC tax dollars. Then DMPED's M. Jeffrey Miller denied in City Council testimony to Miss Bowser(who did not a thing) Denied! that public funds paid for the PR firm.
Trammel crow hired the Carmen Group, top gun lobbyists, and paid over $200,000 in two years for 5 appointments, Bowser, alexander, Barry, Cheh and Grosso. Grosso, who has suddenly become a giant booster of this anti-environmental monstrous construction, and proponent of sustainable agriculture and open legislative process,LOL.  This was with our money as well, VMP  have been DC paid consultants, so we paid $494.00, each for two phone calls or faxes by Carmen Group to our representatives, look it up at BEGA.
Merry Christmas EYA, Trammel Crow and Jair Lynch, if only you deserved it.  I appreciate your testimony to this generous City Council, thanking all involved, supporters and opponents, and how much you respect us., especially the subversion campaign.

Daniel Goldon Wolkoff
McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture
1231 Randolph St. NE

"please do not park on the west side of 1st St NW between Randolph Pl NW and S St NW for tree work"

See this request:

Could u post pic & ask people to not park on W side of 1st btwn Randolph &i S to allow for tree work?
11:19 AM - 20 Dec 2014

come join your neighbors & dine out for Bloomingdale the 1st week of January 2015 -- to benefit the Bloomingdale Civic Association

See this 12-19-2014 message:

From: Colin McDonough <>
Date: December 19, 2014 at 11:29:32 AM EST
To: Gareth Croke <>

The first week of January these participating restaurants will be donating proceeds from each night to the Bloomingdale Civic Association.  We are encouraging neighbors and friends to come DINE OUT in Bloomingdale to help us give back to the community. 

Colin McDonough
Boundary Stone Public House
116 Rhode Island Ave NW

Open Houses in and around Bloomingdale scheduled for Sunday 12/21/2014

The above property is located at 59 R St NW, which is a house with a rental unit listed for $874,900.  It will be open on Sunday from 1-4pm
 The featured property shown above, located at 59 R St NW and is represented by Amy Levin with Long and Foster Estate, Inc.  You can find more information in the links below.

The list of open houses scheduled for Sunday in and around Bloomingdale can be seen here.  A map and directions to the same open houses can be found here.

*Agents, to have your open houses included in this weekly post, please have them tagged in MRIS by 10am on Friday.  If you don't see your open house in the links, feel free to add in the comments.  Also, if you would like your open to be featured with a picture for this post, please e-mail suzanne at 10 square team dot com by 10am on Friday before the open.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Tom Noll special offer at Heart of Bloomingdale Park * Happy Holidays & Blessing in 2015 To You and Your Loved Ones in 2015

Happy Holidays & Blessing in 2015 To You and Your Loved Ones  - From Tom Noll at Heart of Bloomingdale Park
Dear Neighbors & Friends;
For 4 years since landscape designer, sculptor & children's book author Tom Noll moved to our great Bloomingdale neighborhood he fixed, maintains and decorates it for major holidays our "Heart of Bloomingdale Park" and the whimsical "White Bicycle Fence" that is now a popular destination for locals and some tourist that love  to get pics taken there.
Tom has been doing this on his own and with his own money as he loves his new home here.  He has been lucky to also having been hired to do the Condos at T Street, 1 Rhode Island NW and North Capitol & T St NE and several local homes. And I am sure you can not miss his great 1950's Chevy Recycled Rainbow Truck that is also featured in his book.
Many neighbors old and new have really appreciated having this little pocket park that brings everyone so much joy and smiles!
So as we start this Holiday Season I ask of you two things:
Please acquire his Children's Picture Books: “Trash to Treasure” Series * Recycling Creatively with L.T. - "The Bicycle Fence" and please forward this email to your family & friends all across the country. Or let any 'mommy bloggers', school teachers, librarian or media person know about it.
We are running a "Bloomies Special" on where you can go to Book Section and key in "The Bicycle Fence" and you can order it for 25% Off by putting in
Code: LTBIKE25 or use link below. Special ends on January 6th, 2015, when books get to be distributed nationwide by Partners Publishers Group (PPG)
You can leave us a note (with your information) at our home at 23 T Street NW in the mail box once you get the book if you want it autographed & dedicated to someone - so we can coordinate it.
Or as some kind neighbors have done, you can leave us a note also that you would like to acquire x number of books and have them be dedicated & autographed to someone. Special Price would be $15 of the $17.99 regular price.
Or you can call Tom directly at (571) then 201-3032.
Information on the book is below and to get a preview of the inside of the book and be linked to Amazon you can also go to
As Tom is a great creative landscape designer- plan ahead for Spring cleaning, sprucing up, recreating your gardens. He can work with you in selection of plants, hardscape and also be able to reuse/recycle some of your current plants and even create some easy maintenance gardens (but remember you still need to water so plants can thrive) - Check some of his work beside condo from 29 to 19 on T Street NW. Also check out his "Recycled Sculptures" of Rebar & Sandstone that can be done natural as they are or in vibrant colors. His rates are reasonable and he can also be hired to do maintenance on his work. Schedule a consultation and book him early as he gets busy early in the spring. (571)201-3032
Thank you very much and Happy Holidays & Great New Year to All;
Book Information:
A  Mom’s Choice Award® Gold Winner for Children’s Non-Fiction Picture Books: “Trash to Treasure” Series * Recycling Creatively with L.T. - "The Bicycle Fence" by local resident Tom Noll and published by Green Kids Press is a brand new, educational and amusing children's book for ages 6-10+; about going green and recycling creatively to help save our planet. An 11 x 8 1/2 book, published in the USA with 100% Recycled Paper and Eco-Friendly soy ink. It has a useful 2 page description of things that we can all do to save the planet and that parents & educators can guide children with.

L.T. is fast becoming THE NEW RECYCLING HERO!
L.T.’s Series about his adventures in recycling creatively; with its colorful, whimsical illustrations, nostalgic look and inspiring messages will remind us all that We Still Need to Recycle, Go Green, Be Environmentally Friendly and Help Save Our Planet for our younger generations. 
We cannot take it for granted that others will do it for us, good progress has been made, but the battle is not over. It is our shared responsibility every day; and we need to teach our children to become champions in protecting our earth’s precious resources.

L.T. will inspire and empower young ones; by helping them to understand that everyday tasks like reducing waste, reusing, repurposing things and recycling, has a real positive effect in our lives and in the world.

Coming in April 2015 for Earth Day will be the second book "Selling Eggs", followed by "The Flowerbed" in September.
Books are being distributed nationwide by Partners Publishers Group (PPG)
Little Tommy is not so little any more. He has outgrown his shoes, clothes and bicycle all in one summer! L.T. (as he is now called) longs for a brand new bike, but when his father builds him one from recycled junkyard parts, L.T. is embarrassed to ride it to school. Can he come up with a creative idea that not only gives him a good-as-new bike, but also provides a new fence for his yard… and helps save the planet in the process?
This delightful first book in Tom Noll’s “Trash to Treasure” series, based on events from the author’s own childhood, will inspire young readers to reinvent, repurpose, recreate, reuse and recycle in ways that are both practical and fun. 
 Tom Noll, Author
Tom is a sculptor, landscape & interior designer, avid nature lover, recycler and advocate for going green; is a first time writer who lives in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Tom is originally from Somerset, Ohio. For the 15 years he lived in Manassas, Virginia, he was known for his imaginative white bicycle fence at his home, where he decorated them for major holidays. Currently there are 4 “Bicycle Fences” one in Washington, DC at the Heart of Bloomingdale park at Rhode Island Avenue/1st Street NW; Alexandria, VA (by Huntington Metro Station); Upper Marlboro, MD and in Somerset, OH.
Brandon Fall, Illustrator
Brandon has always loved illustration and spent countless hours of his childhood getting lost in his drawings. He is now fortunate to make a living continuing to do what he loves from his home in California. Brandon’s illustration and design work has appeared in a number of publications and has won awards. When he’s not illustrating, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children in the beautiful outdoors.