Tuesday, February 18, 2020

person caught on Nest Cam in a Bloomingdale backyard and dogleg -- Monday evening, 02-17-2020

A neighbor passes along this message and Nest video:

#caughtonNestCam. https://video.nest.com/clip/d646000bc7534007b8ffd808198455af.mp4

Can you post this video to see if any one recognized this person from the neighborhood? I had an intruder make his way my back yard and down the dogleg. This was about at 10:55 PM Monday evening yesterday (2/17/2020). I called the police and made a report but the police took close to 30 minutes to arrive because could not tell the police from the video if he had a weapon.

This person had to go thought a gate and walk deep into our walking alley to get to this point. I know now to keep my backyard porch lights on not just the walking step lights.

#caughtonNestCam. https://video.nest.com/clip/d646000bc7534007b8ffd808198455af.mp4

GGW: "Unpacking the arguments against a traffic-calming plan for Bloomingdale"

Click on the link to read the entire Greater Greater Washington blog post:

Unpacking the arguments against a traffic-calming plan for Bloomingdale

After more than six years in waiting, the District Department of Transportation last fall made good on its commitment to bring traffic-calming measures to First St NW in Bloomingdale. The agency completed the first phase of its work in the last few weeks when it finished installing flexible posts in the street at each of the nine planned intersections along the corridor.
The posts form arcs that wrap around the street corners at intersections. They serve as bumpouts, also known as curb extensions, which physically and visually narrow a street, and reclaim roadway space for sidewalks, beautification, or other measures.

It’s important to note that the posts installed so far are just intended as phase one: DDOT confirmed it will also be adding striping to the roadway as a further visual cue to separate the spaces—a process that it expects to complete in March, as weather permits. Following the striping, DDOT expects to install planters and ground murals; it is working with the Bloomingdale Civic Association to finalize the plan for installation and maintenance of these. The agency expects to have the entire project completed by April.

ANC5E06 Commissioner Karla Lewis "letter requesting recosideration of 1st Street NW traffic calming" on the ANC5E meeting agenda -- Tuesday, 02-18-2020

From: Cheolas, Nick (SMD 5E01) <5e01 anc.dc.gov="">
Sent: Tuesday, February 11, 2020 5:12 PM
To: Cheolas, Nick (SMD 5E01) <5e01 anc.dc.gov="">
Subject: ANC5E meeting

Hello Neighbors - quick notes below:
  • Next Tuesday (Feb 18): ANC 5E's regular February public meeting. 7pm at Friendship-Armstrong Public Charter School (111 O St. NW). Please see the attached agenda.


Nick Cheolas
Commissioner, ANC 5E01
Twitter: @Nick4Ward5
Website: www.anc5E01.org

Plus see this tweet:

Shrove Tuesday community potluck supper and Mardi Gras celebration at St. George's Episcopal Church -- Tuesday, 02-25-2020

See this 02-13-2020 message from St. George's Episcopal Church:

Join us for our annual Shrove Tuesday celebration and feast, also known as “Fat Tuesday,” as we enter the fasting period of Lent. The Lenten season represents a time of abstinence and reflection, allowing for a deeper focus on our relationship with God.

Ms. Merritt: Want one FREE hour of childcare? Attend Parents' Heart Circle -- Saturday, 02-22-2020

From: Merritt Wuchina 
Sent: Monday, February 17, 2020 11:13 PM
Subject: Want one FREE hour of childcare? Attend Parents' Heart Circle, Saturday, 02/22/2020

Dear Parent,

You are invited on Saturday, February 22nd for Parents’ Heart CirclesTM. There are two ways to join:

·       Virtually: 10:30 am-12:30 pm via Zoom Web-conferencing
·       In-person: 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm @ Creative Grounds, 1822 North Capitol Street, NW, Washington DC 20002

This is like a support group, but more. We will offer a safe “container” of holding, heart, and mutuality.  Leave behind judgments, comparisons, ‘how-to’ and ‘fix-it’ strategies, and walk away with a sense of well-being and wholeness.

The Heart – it’s more than just the word. It’s a manifestation of something realized and felt in the physical, ethereal, and interconnected field of relation. Words cannot describe, and it’s emerging around the planet.  Even though it sounds like a support group, you won’t believe how quick this method cuts to the source of the matter in the space that we all share. 

Bring all of yourself, the messy, the joyful, the questions and the skepticism. This is about you making the space, not us. Psychotherapists, psychologists, spiritual leaders, are all agreeing this method has the potential to change the face of humanity. Sounds bold, right? Come find out what we mean.

Civilized rules of engagement and a safe “container” of confidentiality are maintained by the moderator.

to RSVP:
Call: : +1 (202) 671-0889

Ms. Merritt
+1 (202) 671-0889
globally-minded, whole-child, home micro-schooling

Monday, February 17, 2020

gray crewnecks at Meats and Foods

See this tweet from Meats and Foods:

Saturday, February 15, 2020

DDOT on 01-24-2020: "The updated regulation eliminated the exception for vehicles with in-zone RPP stickers to park overnight closer to the intersection"

Following on a current thread of discussion on NextDoor:

Friday, January 24, 2020
The parking corrals are another component of DDOT’s effort to improve safety and visibility for all roadway users at intersections District-wide. In 2019, DDOT updated the District's Residential Permit Parking (RPP) regulations to include language that clearly defines minimum parking distances at intersections. 
The updated regulation eliminated the exception for vehicles with in-zone RPP stickers to park overnight closer to the intersection than best safety practices and signage would allow. Drivers parking on an RPP-zoned street should look for the last RPP sign on the block and ensure that their vehicle does not extend beyond that signpost.
On District streets where parking is allowed, drivers should generally park no closer than 40 feet from the intersection, unless there is signage indicating otherwise. Where a street has parking signage, all drivers must obey the signs and avoid parking in “no parking” or “no standing” zones approaching intersections. 

On This Date in 1980: shootout on 1st Street NW

See this tweet:

Make Some Noise fun family Langley Elementary PTSA fundraiser -- Saturday, 03-07-2020

Sent: Saturday, February 15, 2020 11:46 AM
Subject: "Make Some Noise" Langley Elementary Fundraiser at Boundary Stone 3/7/2020

Mark your calendars for "Make Some Noise" - on Saturday, March 7th from 3p-630p. **Three weeks from today** 

"Make Some Noise" is Langley Elementary's PTSA annual fundraiser at Boundary Stone (116 Rhode Island Ave NW).  We'll have a silent auction, a Parent-Teacher band, students will perform from 7DrumCity and 20% of the restaurant proceeds will go to Langley's PTSA.  

The silent auction will include camp vouchers, theater tickets, sports tickets, restaurant gift certificates, wine, and much more!

All are welcome (Langley families & those who go elsewhere)!  You won't want to miss it!  Tickets to enter are free but you may want to make a reservations for dinner at Boundary Stone (#202 621 6635) during the time of the event so you can be sure and have a seat to eat if your kids are hungry.


Christina Robbins (Langley Elementary PTSA President)  

Open Houses in and around Bloomingdale for Sat 02/15/20 & Sun 02/16/20

26 Rhode Island Ave #2 is offered at $915,000.
The featured open house is a duplex condo in Historic Bloomingdale. The agent representing the seller is Max Rabin with TTR Sotheby's International Realty. See the link below for more details and open house times.

Weekend Open Houses

*Agents, to have your open houses included in this weekly post, please have them tagged in Bright MLS by 10am on Friday. If you don't see your open house in the links, feel free to add in the comments. Also, if you would like your open to be featured with a picture for this post, please e-mail suzanne at compass dot com by 10am on Friday before the open.

WJLA7 story on the Valentine's Day protest at McMillan

Click on the link to read the entire story:

'Hearts 4 Parks': Opponents of McMillan Park redevelopment hold Valentine's Day protest

The video embed does not seem to be working.

So here is the link to the video.

DC Water: NEBT project T Street NW construction site newsletter

From: Hadiah Jordan <news@dcwater.com>
Date: February 14, 2020 at 10:31:00 AM EST
Subject: NEBT: T Street Construction Site Newsletter

To reply to this email: dccleanrivers@dcwater.com

Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project
T Street NW Construction Site

Greetings Neighbors.
As part of construction work associated with the Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project (NEBT) (dcwater.com/NEBT), DC Water’s contractor will begin installing monitoring devices beneath the 100-block of T Street NW. Work will consist of digging small holes in several locations on T Street NW. The devices will measure soil movement and any vibrations associated with the tunnel boring machine, scheduled to arrive at this area in approximately six months.
The installation of monitoring devices will begin on or about Monday, February 17, 2020, between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM and is expected to take two days to complete.

Travel and Parking Restrictions
  • Traffic and parking will be restricted on the eastern portion of T Street.
  • Access to T Street will be available from 2nd Street NW only.
  • T Street will be closed to westbound traffic from Rhode Island Avenue NW.

Map 1: The above map highlights traffic changes with white arrows and parking restrictions in blue.

What's Next
The contractor will also remove several small trees on T Street NW. As soon as the date for tree removal is confirmed we will update the community. All trees identified for removal have been approved by the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT), which oversees such work. Tree removal is necessary to begin preparing for the establishment of the T Street NW construction site. DC Water’s contractor is committed to restoring all trees and tree boxes when the project is complete.

Map 2: The map above highlights that 5 trees will be removed on the 100-block of T Street NW and 1 tree from the bioretention area.

Additional Information
  • People who live or work near the affected locations will notice additional construction equipment and personnel as well as noise associated with construction activities.
  • Commuters and pedestrians will notice road signs and/or flagging personnel directing them safely around the work site.

For More Information
24/7 NEBT Hotline: (800) 988-6151
Email: dccleanrivers@dcwater.com
DC Clean Rivers Project: dcwater.com/clean-rivers-project
Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project: dcwater.com/NEBT


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Our mailing address is:
DC Clean Rivers
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