Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Soul Day Spa

Apparently Soul Day Spa has been undergoing some renovations and has new signage.
anyone ever been there? what did you think?


  1. I have patronized Soul Day Spa and they have great services, but it's just too pricey for a neighborhood place - I would go there all the time if I could get away with something less than $100 for a 50 min. body treatment. But Soul charges just as much as the fanciest DC spas, which is a shame. I think they'd get more business if the prices dropped a bit.

  2. Really? I LOVE Soul Day Spa!!!

    For the service I get, I don't expect Soul to be any less expensive than the other spas. In the past I frequented a Spa with a brightly colored door and, quite frankly, I'll take Soul any day. I'd rather pay for a wonderful service experience than for the address.

  3. i'm glad to hear a good review of Soul Day Spa!