Monday, February 23, 2009

Le Droit Park House on Curb Appeal

a rowhouse in Le Droit gets a facelift


hipchickindc said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I helped Elizabeth buy this house and had never seen the episode.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where the salvage warehouse is that is shown on the video at around 11:30? Is it in the area or a short drive away? Thanks!

hipchickindc said...

If you want to e-mail me at my screen name at yahoo, I can put you in touch with Elizabeth (I'm too lazy to watch the video again right now and see which salvage warehouse it is).

hipchickindc said...

I asked Elizabeth and she said it is just the Brass Knob warehouse up the street on the unit block of N St NW (awesome place to check out if you haven't been) and she also suggested Community Forklift off of Rhode Island Ave out toward Hyattsville/College Park.

Anonymous said...

almost everything they planted in the yard is dead now. so much for sustainable. the plum tree was better.

Anonymous said...


My family has been in the same house right on 4-n-T since '83, and the neighborhood I grew up in is definetly no more. I used to buy candy cigarettes and BeBe's Kid's T-shirts from the Korean owned corner store (complete with bullet proof glass and polaroids of the neighborhood drug dealers on said glass)- now I can buy Merlot.

Things change I suppose, but LOL at the guy in the video givin' that woman hell for the bars on her window. He has no clue about the amount of drug activity and crime that went in and out of that house before she moved into it. There was a time when those bars were an absolute necessity.

Sigh, what can you do though? I'd rather see my neighborhood on TV like this than time in 8th grade when channel 4 showed the FBI and ATF raiding the crack houses and lining up about 10 dudes on the wall of the corner store (each with an assault rifle in their back being told "if you move, you die.") I can do without the kids in homeroom laughing at me because I "live in a warzone."

That house looks great by the way. Nice job.