Wednesday, May 13, 2009

neighbors at artomatic?

as an artist i'm always interested in other artists in the neighborhood.
any of you participating at artomatic? comment and leave your website and the floor you'll be on.
leave the name of your hood too.


  1. im submitting pictures of phalices ive taken covertly

  2. I'm on the 8th Floor on the Stadium/Monument view side directly off the elevators on the right side. I'll be exhibiting larger watercolor paintings, all of Bloomingdale houses (and not previously shown before).

    I am now officially located at

  3. Hey there Scenic Artisan,

    I'm in Ledroit Park, and will be showing on the 8th floor this year.

  4. oh rob chester. i think i've seen your work.
    do you have another moniker you go by?
    anyway, your stuff kicks.

    hopefully i'll met you at AOM. i'm on the 9th floor.

  5. hipchic
    cool! i cant wait to see your pieces.