Thursday, July 30, 2009

the end.

Rainbow Boxer Lady 2
Originally uploaded by Ronnie R
the mural on w.

I heard the story of the origin for this art the other week. a little boy slapped a little girl in front of the artist after he had been chasing her and caught up to her on the artists stoop.
this is the girl thats not taking it anymore. standing up for herself. finding her place. its the hope of triumph. people love it and people hate it.

I dont think i'll be posting anymore to this blog, and i think that this photo from the bloomingdale flickr pool is a good last entry. there's a lot going on there; a beautiful house, a grill, a typical bloomingdale backyard fence, a nice day in the neighborhood. but also from violence to the scared little girl, to the idea of artwork, to the mural, to neighborhood reactions. all of it says a lot about Bloomingdale.

thanks to all of you who have contributed photos, content, and comments.


  1. Gonna miss this. Thanks for the great work. My DC RSS will feel that much less neighborhood-ly.

  2. Sean, thanks for all the work you've done on this.

    I hope that people will continue to contribute to the Bloomingdale flickr pool, which was also started by Sean.

  3. Wow, I just moved here and was told to find this blog by the landlord. How sad that I got here literally just in time to see the blog close its doors. Here's hoping something else pops up soon.

  4. Erik, you may want to try the neighborhood listserv. To join, e-mail

  5. damn, sean. gonna miss you blogging about the neighborhood! someone's going to have to step up and fill in the void with a good, strong, neighborhood-oriented blog around here...

  6. Thanks for the work you've done so far. take care and hopefully I'll see you around.

  7. I'll miss this blog. Thank you.

  8. sean, you've done such a great job this past few years - thank you for all your hard work. i consider myslf lucky to know you in person :)

  9. I don't know you but feel like I'm losing a friend. I live outside of Bloomingdale (New Jersey Ave, NW), but your blog has been one of the ones I always go to check for new things happening around the neighborhood. I travel several times a year and even make it a point to look when I am now. I'm writing to you from Copenhagen right now...feeling a little down that there will be no more posts on your "Bloomingdale" blog.

  10. thanks for the good thoughts. thank you VERY much, actually.

    while i'll prolly not post anymore, it looks like the blog might not be dead after all......

    stay tuned.

  11. Great story behind an interesting piece of art!

    And I'm glad that the blog might still live on. My best either way.

  12. I am going to miss reading you,Sean! It is hard to believe that you are going to stop blogging about Bloomingdale. robin

  13. Sean, I echo all of the comments above, and I really hope you know how much your blog/blogging will be missed. I haven't gone more than a couple of days since moving to the neighborhood two years ago without checking up on the latest news, gossip, photos, artwork, etc. that was posted on here. Hopefully you're sticking around the neighborhood. Thanks again.

  14. Thanks for the heads up, hipchickindc! I will add myself right now :)

  15. R.I.P. Bloomingdale Blog!

    We've moved out of the 'hood and we took our common sense (lol) with us.


  16. Good! One less gentrified blog!

  17. Sad to hear you'll no longer Blog. Thank you for all your work. I've enjoyed reading the often informative, usually interesting posts.
    It strikes me as funny that someone who obviously reads the Blog is glad to see "one less gentrified blog" -- whatever that means.
    I'm looking forward to someone carrying the torch. The Blog has been a great way to hear about what is or will be going on in the neighborhood.

  18. hahaha. Anon 6:38,
    anything for you. i tried to reach out and i would have posted your perspective had you reached back.

    and the rest of you,
    thanks for the love. i deeply appreciate it.
    i hope to meet you all in the real life.
    i never felt i spoke for bloomingdale in any way and was quite shy about the fact that i started the blog. and i'm very much not shy. but i did want information and news to be available about the neighborhood to a larger audience. there was very little available when i started this site.. maybe three websites that even mentioned bloomingdale. its was quite difficult for me to find info when i was first thinking of moving here... except for the bloomingdale boys club ( if any of you remember that site) that while decidedly not directed toward me, did have great historical content.

    now, we make the evening news. and tons of other sites exist that mention our parks and murals and streets and issues. it makes this site rather obsolete. other voices will have more important things to say than i do. hopefully they'll speak up.

    heres one: