Wednesday, December 23, 2009

suspicious man at Flagler & V St NW

See this 12/23/2009 message from a resident of Flagler Place NW:
Just wanted you to know that I noticed a suspicious man standing on the west side of Flagler, on the corner of V, this morning. He was just standing there and watching me as I left for work this morning. The way he was staring just struck me as odd. So, I waited a bit in my car before pulling off. But, before I did I stepped out of the car and asked if he needed some help (he was a fair distance away, so I could have made a
quick get away). He said that he was just waiting for someone. I circled back around the block in my car and he was still standing there several minutes later. I guess if he were up to no good, he would have gone away since it was clear he was "noticed". Who knows and I am not sure that this made any difference in the scheme of anything. Hopefully, he was really just waiting on a ride or someone and I just looked like a super paranoid person. I'll take that title if it plays a part in the our neighborhood watch.

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