Monday, May 10, 2010

bathroom remodeling contractors

See this request from a Flagler Place NW resident:

A big project that I have for the summer is remodeling the bathroom, so I am looking for references on bathroom remodeling contractors. Price isn't too much of a concern, the biggest concern is that they do a good job and left their clients feeling satisfied. We plan on having the toilet and sink replaced, floor tiles replaced as well as the lower portion of the wall tile replaced. Any recommendations on decent contractors, or even a decent place to buy tiles/fixtures would be appreciated.


billandvi said...

We used Brandon Butler of Holdfast and we were very happy with his work. He is also an artist with concrete countertops. His number is: 301-806-6351.

Brian Holcomb said...

Davenport Design (owned by Stu, same as big bear) does good work for us, though we haven't had anything bathroom-related done. He's very good about figuring out what the customer wants, because we've been happy every time despite not being very good at explaining things :)

Anonymous said...

Greg Heelan is a local contractor who does nice work. (He completely renovated one of my bathrooms.) 202-302-8712. -Robert Sullivan

David said...

Will Titherington who owns WT construction has remodeled my basement and is currently remodeling the upstairs. He is great with accurate estimates, communication and attention details. I've been very, very happy with his work: 202 664 4242

Mark said...

I, my colleaques and friends use Jose Lopez. He did my entire house rehab at 114 W St (you can come see his work) and also my Le Droit Condo bathroom/Kitchen upgrade. Very trustworthy. His number is 240-832-3621 and email If you want to see Jose's work, call me and walk over (Mark) 917-334-4660. Also, I have some left over pebble tile you can buy for next to nothing--great for accents/smaller areas. Also a brand new still in box very nice Pottery Barn Medicine Cabinet (recessed) that I couldn't use due to pipes in the way. I got good tile at Architectural Ceramics in Bethesda, but there are many good places. Craigs List has some great finds! Anyway, good luck!

Unknown said...

I own and operate a small construction and property management company from my home office on the unit block of Adams Street. I'd be happy to look at your project, and can provide both photos and references from prior projects. I can be reached at or 202-213-0103

Nadia said...

I used Alberto Peres, 301/802-0109, to renovate my entire house. I will be more than happy to forward to you pictures of my bathrooms or give you a tour. Contat me at I am on Flagler.


John Michael said...

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T St said...

I read construction on the building formerly know as "Broadcast One Center" is still on track to start this August, but I have not heard anything about the status of the Howard Theater for a while. Does anyone know what is up with the Howard Theater?

Jessica said...

I forgot who worked on our bathroom last summer...but if I find the guy's number, I'll let you know. His work was very good (to my knowledge) and everything turned out pretty slick.

Also, for fixtures, you should browse Modern Bathroom. I bought a bath vanity and shower fixture there. They're very unique and really add class.

Larry Gelner said...

I recently did two shower surrounds @ 2254 Cathedral, total tile tearout to studs, relevel, and put in new tile and shower controls/piping. It probably can be arranged for you to see this.
Also did a bathroom in York Haven, PA that probably belongs in a $500,000 house. You are welcome to see this as well. Give me an email address & I will send photos.
Also just completed two bath tile jobs in Harrisburg, PA.
Work borders on art when desired. Can also give lots of ideas on where to get tile, and how to use mix of tile/glass/art tile.
Fine with me if you buy the materials and I supply labor. Prefer hr work, as it will be less expensive for you, and when hassles come up on work to be done, you can decide how to go.
email; call 717 515 3444, Larry Gelner
(Brother is Mike Gelner, owner of 2254 Cathedral).