Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tour the Mcmillan Sand Filtration Site Today

mcmillan sand filtration site

Site tour of McMillan today at 1:00 pm. Come to the 1st Street NW entrance to the site across the street from the McMillan Reservoir Filtration Plant. (about the 2500 block of 1st)


  1. Is it possible to give us a little more notice? I would have loved to walk over and do the tour today!

  2. if i could, i would. i posted this about 3 minutes after i learned about it.

  3. Yeah, bummed to have missed this, especially since we missed the Halloween tours due to the nasty weather.

  4. This tour was somewhat spontaneous. We had in the neighborhood a visiting scholar of Frederick Law Olmstead Jr. who did the landscape design for McMillan. But never fear, we will do another tour, probably in the spring. And we'll give lots of notice as we did for the tour that took place in the rain and sleet. By the way, in spite of the February-like weather, over 175 people came out that day for the tours! And all our tour dates since have September have brought over 300 people to McMillan.


    John T. Salatti
    Commissioner, ANC 5C04
    Vice President, Bloomingdale Civic Association
    (202) 986-2592

    "Together, Building a Better Bloomingdale"

  5. thanks for organizing these tours john! it's such a strange, fascinating unique space that it is cool for so many people to get to see it.