Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Friends of McMillan Park press release: ICYMI -- "Washington Post Op-Ed, “A chance to get McMillan development right”

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ICYMI: Washington Post Op-Ed, “A chance to get McMillan development right”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an Op-Ed written by Friends of McMillan Park Treasurer Kirby Vining and published in the Washington Post this past Sunday, Vining outlines the District of Columbia’s gross mishandling of the development of McMillan Park. Vining also celebrates the D.C. Court of Appeals’ unanimous decision to overturn the District’s zoning and historic preservation approvals for the project at the sand filtration site and offers a clear way forward for the Mayor and City Council.

According to Vining,

“‘The court’s decision vindicates the arguments of the community that the approvals “failed to adequately explain why it was necessary to disregard” certain key policies in the Comprehensive Plan, which should “guide executive and legislative decisions.” The court also found that agency approvals failed to comply with D.C.’s historic preservation law, which prohibits harming landmark sites such as McMillan except under very limited circumstances.’”

Vining describes the current plan for development as one that offers few public benefits in return for the widespread negative effects the project would bring about. In his piece, Vining suggests three steps for the future of McMillan Park:

“· Rebid the project in an open and transparent manner as outlined by the DC auditor and consistent with D.C. laws;
· Ensure that there is a world-class design competition commensurate with the historic and land value of the site; and
· Demand a clear and binding accounting from the winning bidder to clearly establish the benefits to the District and taxpayers of the project.”

To read Kirby Vining’s Op-Ed in its entirety, click here.   The Friends of McMillan also have a new petition for which they are collecting signatures and can be found here. To donate to their efforts to preserve McMillan, visit this link.


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