Tuesday, January 03, 2017

new PSA 501 boundaries -- now larger -- inherited some of PSA 506

See this message and two maps from MPD regarding the new 5D PSA boundaries:

New 5D PSA boundaries, including PSA 501

Old 5D boundaries

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Subject: [MPD-5D] MPD Unveils Sector Concept Citywide/ with Maps [1 Attachment]

January 3, 2017
MPD Unveils Sector Concept Citywide

(Washington, DC) - Over the past several months, the Metropolitan Police Department has been working to broaden its use of a sector model. This model brings additional management accountability to districts and allows for faster dispatch, lower response times, and improved service to the community.

Under this model, each patrol district is divided into three sectors with a sector being an informal grouping of Police Service Areas (PSAs). Each sector will be led by a captain, who will report directly to their respective district commanders. Sector captains will be responsible for their assigned areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lieutenants will share responsibility for overseeing the PSAs and personnel in their sector on any given shift. Please note that officers and sergeants will continue to be assigned to their current PSAs under the sector model.

The sector concept does not eliminate PSAs. The PSA boundaries within 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, and 7D remain the same. The Fifth and Sixth Districts will have a small modification to their PSA boundaries within their District. These changes to 5D and 6D PSA boundaries are in line with MPD's patrol strategy and are intended to support more efficient dispatching operations and decisions. Please see below for the modification changes. These modifications are scheduled to go into effect the first week of January 2017.
The sector model will not disrupt or alter MPD operations and activities, or services to the community in any way. This is an internal organizational change intended to better support operations. Additionally, as eligibility for retirement in the command ranks continues to grow, the sector concept affords the Chief of Police another opportunity to develop managers and assess Sector Captains for command staff positions.

*Please see the attachment for a comparison of the Fifth and Sixth Districts before and after the sector concept modification.

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