Thursday, January 19, 2017

package thieves caught on camera

See this 01-18-2017 message posted at NextDoor Bloomingdale:

Package thieves caught on camera
Preetha Iyengar from Bloomingdale · 8h ago
We had a package stolen from our porch. Luckily it just contained baby food so it was discarded and later returned to us by our wonderful neighbors!

Regardless, we have security camera footage of the theft(, and also of another person who was lingering suspiciously in front of the house shortly after the package was delivered ( Posting here in case it may be helpful.

We reported this to the police - mpd was able to arrest a package thief based on footage from another neighbor's security camera. Please check out the security camera voucher program and report these incidences to the police to decrease crime in our neighborhood!



  1. Same guy who stole my blue trsh can marked 2018 N Cap in white spray paint. I think he uses it to hide his stash somewhere. I believe the can is in someones garage because I have searched for blocks looking for it. He also was also caught on my cameras for stealing my neighbors holiday package. He always has a small bag to hide the box he picks up. It seems his timing on my street is around 4-5:30pm...just before everyone comes home from work ( makes sense because that is generally when UPS, FedEx and USPS come around). Hope he gets caught.

  2. there is nothing funny about the theft [I have everything sent to my office] but when watching the video I thought the squirrel at the very beginning was going to be the thief. So, I was disappointed. If this guy is making regular rounds, it might be easier to catch.