Monday, July 24, 2017

Bloomingdale's first Free Little Library

From: Sierra, Horacio (SMD 5E08) []
Sent: Sunday, July 23, 2017 9:41 PM
Subject: Bloomingdale's First Free Little Library

Bloomingdale's first Free Little Library is now open for bibliophiles of all ages! Installed in front of the Parker Flats Condominiums at 2035 2 Street NW, the library was funded by an ANC 5E Community Grant. Modeled after a vintage school house, the library is a nod to the condo building's former life as a public elementary school. The Nathaniel Parker Gage School was built in 1904 and was in use until the 1970s.

ANC Commissioner Horacio Sierra and Parker Flats residents hope that the library will promote literacy and a love of books for everyone in the community.

The library works as a book exchange where passersby can take and/or leave a book. We especially welcome books for the neighborhood's children and teenagers.

The non-profit Free Little Library program has installed more than 50,000 libraries in 70 countries as a supplement to local libraries.

Residents Huma Imtiaz and Nicholas Jackson were instrumental in helping install the library.

Horacio Sierra, Ph.D.
ANC 5E08 Commissioner


  1. There's been a free library at First and Florida run by the folks at Nest for ages.

  2. That's sweet that you're cheering the second (AFAIK) free little library. There's been one at the SE corner of Florida and 1st for at least two years.