Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Bloomingdale Historic Designation Resolutions (plural) -- on the agenda of tonight's ANC5E meeting

ANC5E Public Meeting Agenda

Tue, Apr 17, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Friendship-Armstrong Public Charter School (Cafeteria) - 1400 1st Street NW

Event details

Part I: Opening
Call to Order Commissioner Thomas
Roll Call Commissioner Barnes
Approval of Agenda Commissioners

Part II: Business Administration
Approval of Meeting Minutes Commissioners
Treasurer’s Report Commissioner Powell
Approval to Pay Bills/Reimbursements Commissioner Powell
Approval of Funding for Beautification Day events Commissioner Powell

Part III: Public Safety        
Police Report MPD 5D Officers
Community Response Regarding Public Safety Public

Part IV: Voting Support Requested (5 minutes each)
Development, Gentrification & Affordable Housing Resolution Commissioners Holliday/Thomas
Bloomingdale Historic Designation Resolutions Commissioners Sierra/Holliday
Dance Place Neighborhood Day Grant Proposal Commissioner Garnett
Letter of Support for the Integration of Peer Support Services – Ward 5 Commissioner Barnes
ABRA Applications:
ABRA #095032 - Edgewood International Wine & Spirits Commissioner Williams
ABRA #098506 - Franklin Liquors & Market        Commissioner Williams
BZA/ZC Matters:
DDOT Matters:
Short Term Fixes for Dave Thomas Circle Commissioner Pinkney
HPRB Matters:
Historic Landmark Status for 150 S St, N.W. Commissioner Holliday

Part V: Public Information (5 minutes each except Community Concerns)
Community Comments (2 minute limit each speaker) Public
Mayor’s Office of the Clean City Director Julie Lawson
DC Fire and EMS Deputy Fire Chief    Derron Hawkins
Ward 5 Liaison for Mayor’s Office Lionel Gaines/Hakeem Rogers
Office of Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie Kelly Cislo
The Crucible (future liquor license for private club at 412 V St., NE) Frazier Botsford

Part VI: Information Updates
McMillan Project Commissioner Barnes
Bloomingdale Historic Designation Commissioners Holliday/Sierra


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