Saturday, February 01, 2020

Ward 5 CM McDuffie Celebrating Black History Month: Charles Hamilton Houston

See this Facebook post from our Ward 5 Councilmember McDuffie:

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Daniel in brookland said...

So interesting that McDuffie is so big on African-American culture and history,while he sells out McMillan Park to mediocre mega-developer conglomerate VMP. McMillan was the only DC integrated park and DC Central Park, so important to this African-American community, from 1905 to 1941. He works with Gray (unindicted) and Bowser to perpetrate the biggest land theft since Manhattan! Successive DC administrations collude with their insider developer overlords and deprive us of green outdoor recreation for 32 years. THEY DID THAT and must be blamed Kevin, and other "excusers" of their blatant racist corruption, purposely, vindictively warehousing our recreation land for 32 f-ing years!!@!!!!!!! Our City Council members would sell their own Mother up the river to serve the private profit of their developer overlords, GET REAL KIDDIES!

And remember "kiddies" and Kevin, all the services and housing and the SO PRIZED Harris Teeter, everything in the McMillan Town Center plan CAN and SHOULD be accomplished elsewhere, like WHC and AFRH or other location on your grid, while we save our park, DUH!!!.

A Capitol City plans its culture and preserves its history, a real Capitol City, not DC "The District of Corruption" a mediocre embarrassing joke, on us.

Now thanks to FOMP and their attorney, we have a momentary opening and delay in the STUPIDITY and BOWSER/VMP's massive destruction to the site, one last opening to stop the
"The Monstrosity on Michigan Avenue".

so join us, fight arrogance and corruption and demand proper , healthy urban planning
Please JOIN US Daniel Goldon Wolkoff 202-232-8391 and WE can win, Smite the Pharaoh!!