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HPRB actions: 18 Channing Street NW > concept to add a rear addition and partial third story compatible with the character of the historic district...with the condition that the stair bump-out at the front be removed

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HPRB ACTIONS - February 27, 2020

This document and the Agenda, Consent Calendar and staff reports for the February 27 meeting of the Historic Preservation Review Board are posted on the website at:  Archived video of the hearing is posted on the website at: .
 Project Drawings are also posted on the website at:

February 27, 2020
Present: Marnique Heath, Chair; Andrew Aurbach, Thomas Brokaw, Outerbridge Horsey, Gretchen Pfaehler.  Absent: Linda Greene, Barbara Jowers-Barber.

Tregaron, 3100 Macomb Street NW, HPA 20-095, concept/new construction, science/academic building, relocation of dacha, landscape rehabilitation on WIS campus.
The Board found the general location, massing of the above-grade portions of the building into two wings organized around the four-square garden, relocation of the dacha, and the landscape plans developed to date are appropriate directions for the project, but that revisions are necessary in order for it be found compatible with the Tregaron landmark.  The Board asked for the following revisions: (1) reduce the size and height of the above-grade portion of the building, particularly on the north side as seen from the front of the mansion, which may require some rethinking and prioritization of the building program; (2) redesign the north end of the building to provide a more compatible frontage on the Academic Walk.  This should include pulling the building back to provide visibility of the greenhouse from the east and retaining the existing stand of trees; (3) continue to refine the scale, materials, and colors of the building to improve its compatibility, particularly with regard to the curvilinear wall and fenestration; (4) retain the existing elevation of the four-square garden in order to retain its relationship with the greenhouse, and with a landscape plan for the garden that achieves a better balance between its historic character and new role as an academic courtyard; (5) study how to better screen or lessen the visual impact of the half basketball court and tall perimeter fencing; (6) improve and supplement the landscaping in the area south of the building to mitigate its visual impact as seen from the causeway bridge and pond valley, with plans guided by the cultural landscape plan and historic photos that document this area as a layered, evergreen, visually dense garden; (7) develop a planting and hardscape improve plan for the Academic Walk that incorporates and is compatible with the original paving materials; (8) conduct a field test for the new location of the dacha to ensure that it doesn’t impact views of the mansion from the entrance drive or intrude on the surrounding woodland.  The project should return to the Board for further review when ready. Vote:  5-0.
Charles Whitney Gilmore Residence, 451 Park Road NW, Case 15-09.
The Board denied the application to designate. Vote: 4-1.

Tabard Inn, 1737-1741 N Street NW, Case 20-01.
The Board designated the Tabard Inn at 1737-1741 N Street NW, a historic landmark in the D.C. Inventory of Historic Sites and recommended that the nomination be forwarded to the National Register of Historic Places for listing at the local level of significance, with a period of significance from 1887 to 1970. Vote:  5-0.
1901 9th Street NW, HPA 20-117, concept/four-story plus penthouse setback addition.
The Board found the fourth story addition incompatible with the character of the historic district and requested the applicant redesign the project and return for further review when ready. Vote: 5-0
411 New Jersey Avenue SE, HPA 20-180, concept/new construction, two houses.
The Board found the concept to construct two new buildings to be compatible with the character of the historic district, with the recommendation that the massing of the elevator tower on the north elevation be reduced in height, and delegated final approval to staff. Vote:5-0.
710 E Street SE, HPA 20-134, permit/rear three-story addition.
[deferred at request of ANC 6B]

18 Channing Street NW, HPA 20-172, concept/three-story addition.
The Board found the concept to add a rear addition and partial third story to be compatible with the character of the historic district because of the exceptional circumstances of the site, and delegated final clearance to staff, with the condition that the stair bump-out at the front be removed.
Vote: 4-0.

The consent calendar was approved by a vote of 5-0.
Slayton House, 3411 Ordway Street, NW HPA 20-178, concept/construct two-story garage accessory structure.
The Board approved the concept but asked that the architect consider the issue of light pollution and increasing the opacity of some or all of the glazing panels.        
233 ½ 9th Street SE, HPA 19-388, concept/addition on garage.

4464 Greenwich Parkway NW, HPA 20-174, permit/remove rear porch and replace with rear projection.

2730 Martin Luther King Jr Avenue SE, HPA 20-177, permit/raze Building 99.

2829 29th Street NW, HPA 20-135, concept/attic addition.

Transcripts of Historic Preservation Review Board Meetings may be purchased from the court reporting agency that covered this hearing – Neal R. Gross & Co., Inc., (202) 234-4433,   or . Individual staff reports that are prepared in advance of the hearing are posted on our website at

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