Friday, November 10, 2006

uline stadium

Practically hidden just on the other side of the new york avenue metro, the Uline Stadium sits rather obscured and runs the risk of being torn down.

I for one am very happy about much of the growth that has been happening in DC. I am glad to see so many shells being gutted and decent establishments opening in places that were still devastated by the riots over 30 years ago. DC still has a long way to go to catch up to where it ought to be, but i like some of the directions we've been heading.

I am glad to see 8th street SE blossom the way it has, 14th street is amazing and will continue to be the most happening strip in the city for quite some time. U street is flourishing. 7th street NW, despite being so chain heavy, is hopping. Richard Layman points out the number of exits and entrances here

But infill is one thing, condo conversion is one thing, large scale development is quite another. Personally i love the human scale of the dc i know. I dont know k street or the farAgut area, i dont know federal dc. I know LaLomitas on Penn SE that now has a gigantic structure being built across the street that i fear will be the downfall of my favorite margarita sipping spot in the city.

I see the new buildings on Mass avenue that are devoid of a pleasant personality. i see large scale suburban design in our urban landscape.

I see the new convention center that has isolated itself from surrounding business.

then theres the baseball stadium. not that that's a fiasco or anything.

And closest to home is the New Town development proposed for the farmers market.

What does all of this have to do with uline? Its about development. Its no secret that the area around the new york metro is HOT HOT HOT with the potential of gigantic economic growth. There is a lot of un and underdeveloped land there. Uline site in this area and the threat of its destruction for residential/ mixed use bothers me a bit. As does the very sad state of affairs for the Wholesale market area. The area that our rep Mr Orange calls "blighted". Blighted? has he been there? it may not be pretty, but its busy busy busy.

anyway, look here about the uline.

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