Sunday, February 04, 2007

fort totten

here is a post about developement around the fort totten metro station.

i think we're talking about these lots.
(click to enlarge)

anyone know?


  1. i still cant visualize which road is underneath the overpass. and what direction is north. the road construction alone will be in the millions.

  2. my understanding wat that its down the hill from the tracks... so no underpass

    think the Dakotas building and the old tiger mart.
    so closer to the intersection of south dakot and riggs.

  3. ok, i see it now...but there are several gas stations that will contest the eminent domain land grab for sure and the infrastructure upgrades will be enormous.

    why cant they develope on top of the metro stop like in every other part of the city?

  4. i was told that the land was already owned by the developer. no? is there eminent domain in this case?
    certainly the tger mark area is all shut down already. so is the dakotas, i think.

    the meto is above ground there. the land surrounding is mostly privately owned and being utilized. then there's fort totten park, part of the circle forts.

  5. thanks for the info. i dont get out there as often as i use to.