Saturday, February 03, 2007

(ugly) buildings, sidewalks with no trees wins award. yay?

Life in Mount Vernon Square made mention of this .

i'm sure they're nice on the inside and they look great for natrual light.While they are nicer than many new buildings being put up in our fair city do they really deserve an award of merit?

do you like em?


  1. do i like

    i'm not architecture expert, but i knows what i likes, and i don'ts like that. at least, certainly not in the context it's in....

  2. They are okay, but I prefer tree lined streets.

  3. there are 500 merit's like 3rd place at a drag show.

  4. The inside shots are quite beautiful. I guess that's an advantage to buying one of the units - you don't have to look at the ugly exteriors!

  5. Washington DC rowhouses meet refrigerator boxes...

  6. i guess its just the facade that i dont like....the inside pictures are pretty cool. the deck seems cool too.

    great comments by then way! thanks.