Thursday, June 26, 2008

i might be the only one in the neighborhood that is sad about this

but the borf mansion is shutting down.

you can cheer if you want. i hope though that the energy that was put into this building and scene stays on the direction of being a creative and respectful positive force. instead of.. well... you know.

and yeah, one more empty building for north capitol! we all love empty buildings.

maybe it'll become a gun store.


  1. I'm sad as well - these kids did more than anyone else on N. Cap to increase nighttime foot traffic. They made it a safer, more interesting place to be.

  2. I, for one, am NOT sad - but happy happy happy to see it go! As a new resident to the 'hood, the noise and late, loud muzak is enough to drive a person crazy AS-IS, let alone adding the addition of a cheeky "night club" atmosphere to the mix!

    And perhaps you would feel/think differently if YOUR cozy little rowhome was located just behind the club, or anywhere down those two blocks... it isn't quiet, it isn't cool, and it isn't fun to live behind a club.

    I say, R.I.P. BORF!

  3. anon 4:10.

    i'm sorry for the hardship that is has caused you.

    i hope that the proposed rooftop deck bar, and live music venue of martini 2020 won't impact you negatively.

  4. The thought of a gun store on North Cap makes me sick... maybe because I could actually envison that happening.

    It sounds like the landlord is expecting some rent-paying tenants now that the martini, etc. restaurant is going into the fire house. We'll see. If this place is empty a year or two from now it'll be tough to think there was at least SOMETHING in that building that contributed to the neighborhood - as opposed to just another abandoned building. I live around the corner and am with la chingona on this one.

  5. hey guys!
    I'm figuring you've all seen the DCist article, which I'm really disappointed in (there's tons of mis-quotes and misinformation). I'd like to just say that we're not leaving because of the rent, we really have no problem with that, it's just that it became obvious that the landlord didn't want to compromise with us in any way, including allowing the lease to get drawn up by a lawyer (the DCist says something about him having his own lawyer draw it up, which is just NOT the case). We have some serious concerns about his health possibly impeding his discretion... We're not disappearing, though, just in limbo. I hope to see a bunch of neighborhood faces at the art show on saturday! (Feminist Art show, parental discretion advised, 7 pm, free! and with free freeze pops!) thanks for all your great support!
    -marissa (one of the collective members)

  6. I am sad too. We have been to a couple of their shows, and I think they are doing some really interesting things.

    Perhaps they should see about the building at 207 Florida, NW? that would be a great spot.

  7. According to taxpayerservicecenter the property is listed as vacant w/ no exemption. I'm not sure how long the owner has been paying the vacant rate, but as assessments go up the 5% bill can't be helping the situation.

  8. marissa,

    seems like a bunch of us in the neighborhood want you guys to continue and prosper. let us know about your developments

  9. Good. This should free up some parking and reduce the numbers of mopey hipster doofuses milling about the area..

    Now maybe if we would restrict the use of glass bottles outside since some people clearly can't handle the responsibility, and maybe stop throwing f*ing chicken bones and littering all over that would be good.

    I'm really not that grumpy I just really don't like litter and garbage and chicken bones.