Sunday, September 21, 2008

fairfield residential

we posted about fairfield then posted about its death.

but now it seems like its a go.

i'm not quite sure where to find the right info
other stuff here

and thanks to a comment i found this page

i know theres been a lot of discussion on the eckington yahoo group about this too.


  1. Trammell Crow Residential is the developer of this parcel now. They have named it “Alexan NoMa West". As far as I know they are still moving forward. Financing seems to be holding up a lot of projects in the area, although apartments seem to be one of the more finance-able uses. A couple renderings of the project are here:

  2. What is the potential timeline on this?

  3. I was told by the Eckington Civic Assosiation president that groundbreaking should take place around Thanksgiving.

  4. noma west? oh jesus, why the hell do we have to deal with this fake neighborhood name creep. this is worse than "dupont east" or crap like that. it's bloomingdale people. if they put a sign up, i'm going to go down there and personally spray paint "bloomingdale" on it over and over again until they recognize the fact...

  5. sean,

    this isn't the one on the northwest corner of florida and north cap? oops! well, i hope some eckingtonian does what i recommended then! :)

  6. you know.. the proposed buildings look sadly similar.

    i should have been more clear. this is for the field near fed ex. harry thomas way and eckington place.