Sunday, September 07, 2008

"newcomers" in harlem

i thought this article from the new york times was an interesting read:

In an Evolving Harlem, Newcomers Try to Fit In

In the past few years, the “Village of Harlem,” as older residents still call it, has become a 21st-century laboratory for integration. Class and money and race are at the center of the changes in the neighborhood. Lured by stately century-old brownstones and relatively modest rents, new faces are moving in and making older residents feel that they are being pushed out. There have been protests, and anger directed as much at the idea of the newcomers as at them personally.

another quote from the article

What is occurring in Harlem is part of a wider trend across the nation reshaping poorer black enclaves like the Fillmore District in San Francisco, Bronzeville in Chicago and Columbia Heights in Washington. Harlem, because of its status as a symbol of black success and independence, has been among those most closely watched.

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Anonymous said...

Gentrification is horrible :( I knew when Bill Clinton moved into Harlem, that they were headed for the personification of gentrification.