Wednesday, October 01, 2008

got cardboard?

a friend in Mount Vernon Triangle sent me this:

"I am currently building an art project for a non-profit organization to which I belong, that will be seen on television by millions worldwide. To make this 'Art' project a reality, I am looking for you to donate LARGE pieces of gently used cardboard or foamboard ( or any material of comparable thickness and strength).

Ideal pieces of cardboard should be large enough to cut 3 foot x 3 foot stars. SO, If you recently bought a bed, refrigerator or washing machine, save the box for me. Take a trip to your local grocery store and ask the manager for any empty boxes that fit my description (boxes that have been soiled by food products need not apply). Does your office have any old foamboard signs used for a conference or meeting 6 years ago that is just collecting dust in the closet? I'll take it...."

any assistance is appreciated"

his address is
tsheetz at gmail com

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