Monday, April 13, 2009

Gentrification and the Callous Affluent Class

saw this on frozen tropics:

A friend sent me information from a forum on gentrification that he heard discussed on WPFW. From the way he described it it sounds like to may be more of real discussion that the title (Gentrification and the Callous Affluent Class) implies. The forum is really a three part event held on different days. First they will screen the documentary "Brick by Brick" that looks at gentrification in DC. The second event is a panel discussion on gentrification in North America. Part three is a panel discussion on gentrification worldwide.

Here's how the organizers describe it:

The panel discussions will allow the community to thoroughly examine the implications of gentrification, gentrification and racism, the institutionalized gentrification, the economic implication of gentrification, the implication of culture gentrification, the appropriation of African American cultural icons for the benefits of the 'gentrifiers', and the following questions will be addressed:
  • Have they come to live with us or displace us?
  • Who owns the planet?
  • Gentrification: Latest stage of colonial power - or - it's relationship to colonialism?
All events are to be held at Sankofa Video and Books (2714 Georgia Ave NW).

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  1. This sounds stupid and is obviously being held to make white people sound horrible... just my 2 cents.