Thursday, September 30, 2010

please tell me that there are no flooded Bloomingdale basements this morning

Quite a lot of rain overnight and this morning.

I am hoping that there are no reports of flooded basements in Bloomingdale.


  1. Kinda outrageous with all the taxes and utility bills we pay....and all we get from the City is an offer of some sandbags and brilliant advice to close our windows....Linwood

  2. Oh that was a fun 18 hours of shopvac-ing my apt.*facepalm*

  3. I was dry on the 100 block of V Street (After getting water in a storm earlier this year).

    I will say for the city that they are fixing the long-term underlying issue, it's just that solution is going to take 15-20 years to put in place.

    HOWEVER, they are also trying to take steps to mitigate the problem for those affected.

    still sucks, but it sounds like they are doing everything they can....

  4. Imagine the water problems we will have after the city approves massive development at McMillan and 25 acres of grass and sand are paved over.