Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a neighbor wants to know: What's the scoop with the abandoned untenanted 143 Rhode Island Avenue NW apartment building ?

See this general request:

Can you tell me the story, if there is one, on 143 Rhode Island Ave. NW?

It's the big, striking looking apartment building that seems to have been abandoned
for as long as I can remember.


  1. I believe it's owned by the Catholic Church.

  2. It's listed as owned by "Barry Homes Ltd" in the tax records. It's now listed on the Vacant Property without exemption list on DCRA's website, meaning it should be subject to a $250 registration fee and taxed at the Class 3 rate ($5 per $100 of assessed value).

    Hopefully this incentivizes the owner to sell. It's a beautiful building and looks at least structurally to be in good shape. Would make great condos or apartments.

  3. I was just driving down RI yesterday thinking the exact thing...what's the deal? Does anyone know the last time it was occupied?

  4. I agree it would make great apartments/condos - similar to the buidling on the other side (south side) of Rhode Island. The building has been graffitied several times, but someone is cleaning it off. So, someone is at least do that much to take care of the building.

  5. Yes the owner does take reasonably good care of the bldg. They cut the grass and clean up the graffiti. It is being looked at by a developer to make into condos, according to what the management company reported recently.

  6. I wish it would become a group home. We need more of those and less condos that are overpriced.