Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Urban Turf post on Wardmans

See the Urban Turf post on Wardmans.

A Short Overview of DC`s Most Prevalent Architecural Style

April 17, 2012 by Shilpi Paul

Bloomingdale row houses are mentioned:

Row house flats

Wardman also tested out a few ``row house flats`` around Bloomingdale — two-storybuildings with two identical units in them, one on top of the other. The idea apparently didn`t catch on (but this writer now lives in one).

[Note that the pic supplied here is from the Urban Turf post.]


Mari said...

That's on the 1700 block of 4th Street,

Bloomingdale Resident said...

Just happened across this article - Wardman purchased 24 lots at Second and U on May 27, 1905. The same lots had been purchased the day before by Joseph Paul. Land speculation in Bloomingdale!

Real estate market. (1905, May 28). The Washington Post (1877-1922), pp. TP2-TP2.