Monday, April 23, 2012

World Missions for Christ Extension Center, 1st & Randolph Pl NW: Walk-A-Thon Rally – Saturday, 04-28-2012

See this message from Dr. JoAnn Perkins of the World Missions for Christ EXTENSION Center at 1st & Randolph Place NW in Bloomingdale:


The Extension Center

1720 1st Street NW

Serving Washington DC`s innercity neighborhoods

Christmas toy giveaway / Walk-A-Thon / Scholarships / Back to School / Thanksgiving Baskets / Job Readiness / Summer Camp / Book Club

From Dr. JoAnn Perkins:

Hello everyone, hope all is well, please join us on this Sat at the walk, bring your family and Kids, smiles, jp

And see this additional 04/24/2012 message from Dr. Perkins: "Could you please put out a clarion call for people in the health profession ie doctors, nurses, etc come walk with us and if they could come dressed in their uniforms this would really set the tone for a healthy walk. And such people could also say a few words as well at the rally."

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

Hello everyone, we are back and on the move preparing for our April 28th Walk-a thon rally. Please take a look at the attached flier and plan to come participate by supporting our efforts. And for you dog lovers, this year, we extend invitation to you to bring your dogs to walk with us as well.

For last year, with your help, 964 kids received toys, with an extra 1436 toys going to incarcerated youth, foster care children, Latino kids, children living in shelters, and children in the community. Additionally we gave away last year at the November 19th Thanksgiving rally, 360 Food Baskets to families needing food for their Thanksgiving dinner, and on August 20th at the Back to School Rally, gave away school supplies to 465 children/youth which also included giving away to 122 parents, principals from the Langley Educational Campus, and Perry Preparatory Public Charter School vouchers and school supplies; and your donations made such giving possible, thanks. As we now prepare for helping an increased number of families and children in need, we again need your help in being able to provide at the June 16th Awards Ceremony-- 10 inner-city high school graduating seniors Scholarships to college and at the August 18th Back to School Rally, we need your help providing school supplies for 1000 kids, and at the November 17th Thanksgiving Rally, we will need baskets for 1000 families and on December22nd at our toys to Needy Kids rally, we need a total of 3000 kids for the kids who we have provided this amount of toys to for the past 3 years, we need your help.  
Please consider making a tax deductible donation towards these rallies and we will also be able to work again with the 100 14 to 21 year olders (as we did last summer), as we did in our Positive Alternatives Job Readiness PANTS OFF THE GROUND Employment program last summer So please help us by making a tax deductible donation which will help us meet the need of the families and kids that we serve. We look forward to seeing you, your family and friends at the April 28th Walk-A-thon,


Dr..J. Perkins,

Rally Coordinator


Please Click Here for a PDF of our 2012 Walk-a-thon Flyer :



Mission Statement:

As a community based organization, it is our mission to provide educational training services that positively impact lives of children, youth and adults living in inner-city neighborhoods.


To Accomplish our mission, the EXTENSION Center annually sponsors 6 Special Event Outreach Rallies and through our Positive Alternative Skill Building Mentoring/Vocational Training Programs we tutor children and youth and provide Job Readiness Skill Development/ Scholarships/ Workshops for youth and adults.

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Bloomingdale Resident said...

Will the intersection of First and Randolph, or any roads be closed for this event? I think I missed this last year.