Thursday, December 18, 2014

DC Office of Planning & the Board of Zoning Adjustment do not give a thumbs up for the 21 Quincy Pl NW zoning variances

Recall the pursued zoning variances for a two-story carriage house in the rear of 21 Quincy Place NW?
Kevin Latner, owner of 21 Quincy Place NW, went before the DC Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) on Tuesday, 12-16-2014.  He did not get very far.
He has been asked to return to the BZA on Tuesday, 02-10-2015, to demonstrate some uniqueness in the property that would be acceptable.

You can watch the approximately 20 minute hearing here.

Here is the DC Office of Planning's report, which does not support.

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Kirby said...

I am angered at the nit-picking the BZA did on this modest request from a local homeowner to build a garage in his back yard where there once was one of almost identical size. This would help the homeowner and indirectly help the neighborhood, providing off-street parking that is badly needed. Why did BZA nit-pick this proposal, yet its sister, the Zoning Commission, lets sail right through the process outrageous projects like Barry Farm and McMillan. The message I take from this as a taxpayer is loyalty to the Mayor: if the Mayor wants it done, consider it done, but too bad if you're a mere mortal and not the Mayor. -Kirby Vining, Stronghold.