Saturday, December 26, 2015

fallen leaves not picked up on the 2000 1st Street NW

From a neighbor on the 2000 block of 1st Street NW in Bloomingdale:

We need the leaves picked up on our block and I'm sure a few other blocks that have been impacted by the DC Water First Street Tunnel "dig".  Over the past few days, DPW came through the neighborhood to rake and suction up the leaves, but the 2000 block of 1st Street NW was skipped again.  Understanding that the street is blocked, we should still receive the minimum services from the city.  In contrast, parking enforcement shows up every morning even though we have limited parking, and they strictly enforce the rules!  A few of us have tried to clean up to no avail.  I swept most of the block Christmas eve and piled the leaves on the south end of the block (away from the drain).  Please assist!  I have also included a few photos.


  1. Good luck. DPW ignored Adams near the CSA too. I've been hounding DC Water to clean up the mess around their site but all I've got so far is a soft commitment to get Skanska to help out. They had plenty of time to do so after they blew off early at 3pm on the 23rd (behind schedule what?) but still haven't. Total amateur hour running this project.

  2. Thanks for raking leaves on the 2000 block. I wish there was a way to get our block cleaned.

    Hooray for the parking tickets and towing on our block. I hope they are all related to the people parking for the Air BnB places being rented out with my taxpayer dollars. I don't care if people rent out their space, but I do care when they rent out and make available the parking spaces that I pay taxes to have near my home. I love seeing the ticketing and toeing on this neglected block. Hooray for DC for getting something right. Now, can you use that revenue to clean or block?

  3. Likewise, I raked up a dozen bags of leaves up and down Adams since DC Waters project has impacted our basic city services. What have they done? - ignored my requests to help out for over a month. Of course DC Waters contractors are the first to see click fix residents parking on the street while they continue to let their workers park illegally. So over these guys...