Tuesday, June 07, 2016

DCist: DC Water launches a map that shows if homes have lead pipes

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Bloomingdale residents are invited to check out their street addresses.

DC Water Launches A Map That Shows If Homes Have Lead Pipes

Wondering if your pipes are made of lead? There's a map for that. DC Water announced yesterday that it has created an interactive tool that gives District residents access to information about their water pipes.

While tests show that the city's overall lead levels are historically low, "every property is unique and we want our customers to have easy access to all of the available information about their service lines, so they can make informed decisions to minimize their exposure to lead in water,” George Hawkins of DC Water said in a release.
The best way to decrease lead exposure is to get rid of contaminated sources including service lines, or pipes that connect a household's plumbing to the water main in the street, he continued. And if property owners want to replace their portion of the lines, DC Water will pay to replace the public side.

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