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Peak Strawberries and Microgreens at this Sunday's Bloomingdale Farmers Market

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Peak Strawberries. 
So, who will have strawberries?  Truck Patch has Earliglows, Mountain View has Sweet Charley, Reid has Honeyeye and Early Glow and Garner is winding down their  Chandlers and Sweet Charley. Different varieties, different soils make even the same varietals taste different.  Try them all.

NEW: Garlic scapes, the flower stem of the garlic plant.  You cut it off to send growth back down to the bulb. Garlic scapes make great pesto, great seasoning.

LITTLE WILD THINGS IS BACK THIS WEEK with Mary's microgreens. and her addictive microherb pesto.  Think Strawberry and microgreens.


TRY: all the head lettuces for lettuce wraps.

PLANT: all the herbs and annuals and succulents

LAST CALL: for the Cajun Carrots, Gorlami Radishes and Dilly Daikon at NUMBER 1 SONS.

MUSICIANS: Lauren Sinclair and Yael Kiken, violinists, who play across a variety of genres.  Straight from an April Porchfest.

LITTLE WILD THINGS: Lots of microgreens, and new this week will be some beautiful ready-to-eat salads with edible flowers. Also three flavors of pesto including a new 'sunflower & sage' made with their sunflower shoots and fresh sage. For field crops  bunched kale and herbs. Also a few bouquets of farm flowers.

WHISKED: MARKET EXCLUSIVE: Strawberry Ginger Pie. Apple, Bourbon Pecan, Rhubarb, Salted Caramel Apple, Sea Salt Chocolate Chess, Strawberry Lemon, Strawberry Rhubarb.  4 Quiches: Asparagus and Goat Cheese Quiche. Bacon, Cheddar Onion Quiche. Spinach Basil and Sun dried Tomatoes. Spring Greens and Feta.  Quiches make a great picnic lunch or a quick after market meal.

TRUCK PATCH: EARLIGLOW STRAWBERRIES.  Bryan SWEARS these small berries are the best he knows.  Ask Stacia for a sample.  Asparagus. Spinach. Arugula. Chard. Mesclun. beets.  Great bacon, pastured pork chops, roasts and that famous breakfast scrapple.

MOUNTAIN VIEW:  Sweet Charlie Strawberries, Carrots, garlic scapes, sugar snap peas, lots of head lettuce, butterhead, romaine and summer crisp, kale, lots of collards, beets, lavender, mint, oregano, scallions, bok choi, mustards greens.

GARNER: Chandler and Sweet Charlie Strawberries, golden and red beets, golden zucchini, green and red kales, spinach, collard, bok choy, Swiss Chard, kohrabi, head lettuce and lettuce mixes.\, Napa cabbage, red and green miuna, tt soi, Spring Onions, Jams and jellier, hot sauces, spring plants-- herbs, annuals, perennials

PANORAMA: French bakers, French pastries, baguettes, croissants, whole wheat breads. Mixed Grains, Sourdoughs. Rustiques. scones. cookies.

NUMBER 1 SONS: The pickles sell out so come earlyish.and you can sample all the krauts, the kimchis, the pickles, the curried carrots, the spicy salsa verde.  I have a little kimchi with an egg just about every morning.

KESWICK CREAMERY.  The best yogurt for all the strawberries. The quark and ricotta are also best friends with all our peak strawberries.
20 different aged raw milk and freshly pasturized cheeses.  Come early if you want to grab cucumbers at Garner for a cucumber and feta salad.

REID: Honeye and Earliglow Strawberries, apples, herbs.

Produce Plus restarts on Sunday at our market.  Bring your program ID for SNAP, WIC, SENIOR FMNP, MEDICAID, TANFF, SSI  and a picture ID with your address on it.

See you Sunday, rain or shine!

Robin, Teds, Danielle.

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