Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Samsara House 2023: 4th Edition of A Radical Introduction to the Leading-Edge of Meditation, Come check it out! Saturday, 06-18-2016

From: Cullen Kowalski [mailto:wakeup@samsarahouse.org]
Sent: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 4:15 PM
Subject: 4th Edition of A Radical Introduction to the Leading-Edge of Meditation, Come check it out! Sat 6/18 - 2:00-5:30PM

The 4th edition of this highly successful workshop is being offered again in two weeks, Saturday June 18th!   Bennett and I continue to refine our teaching and add content to the free binder provided with workshop price.  Thus it makes sense to take the workshop again to help strengthen your practice or to dive in now if you are someone who is curious to discover what the leading-edge of meditation is all about and how it can help accelerate your own individual awakening.  Bring your current meditation practice and come to learn how it can be accelerated within the leading-edge of growing-up and waking-up.

A discount code to save $5 off the $45 introductory price is valid for all sign-ups and payments by June 12th.  Please send me an e-mail for the code.  If you have already taken this workshop, you may do so again at the discounted price, but please request the discount code, sign-up and pay by midnight June 12th.  

By completion of this class, you will learn:

·         How to practice traditional meditation and understand why we must leap beyond it

·         How to find hidden parts of yourself and polish the mirrors of your consciousness

·         How meditation itself has evolved through time and space and where it is heading

·         How to develop a personalized daily meditation practice to take home with you


A Radical Introduction to the Leading-Edge of Meditation 3.5-hour Workshop Saturday 6/18 - 2:00-5:30PM

Co-facilitated by Bennett Crawford & Cullen Kowalski

Samsara House 2023
36 R Street, N.W. 20001
Bloomingdale, D.C.

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