Sunday, June 05, 2016

seeking referrals for exterior brick repointers

See this 06-05-2016 request from a Bloomingdale household:

We’re beginning to think about repointing our 1st Street NW rowhouse.

I’m guessing some of the folks in the neighborhood have been through this and I’m curious:

a) Whom they can recommend?
b) How much it cost?
c) How much they paid for both front and back?
d) Did the project include the cost of painting afterwards?

We’d like a highly recommended, permitted, reasonably priced one-stop shop to repoint and paint.

Any good recommendations?


  1. I found Renaissance was the cheapest of 3 quotes. I think it was going to be around 8k just for the repointing of my side walls or rear. I have a daylighter.... so not one of the big victorians it could vary given the type of brickwork and the size of the house ...those 1st street houses are large. And brick work during Victorian era was much tighter....with less mortar between bricks. Don't know how that impacts cost though

  2. I am in the process of asking for quotes myself. My project is only for the back walls: a long wall on the side of the house and a smaller wall in the back for a total of about 1,300 sq feet. I received quotes from 5 different companies, ranging from $20,000 to $13,000. Renaissance was the second most expensive. All the companies are specialized in historic masonry restoration and are bonded, insured and procure the permits with the Historic Preservation standards if needed (not needed in Bloomingdale yet). I'd would be interested in learning more about what quotes you get including the front facade.

  3. I had a great experience with Precision Renovation a couple of years ago. Couldn't believe how cheap it was compared to other quotes... took the risk and it paid off.

  4. Well, full disclosure....i went with none of them...and ended up putting in a new bath instead. But a friend did use Renaissance and they were quick and professional and he said the least expensive. I also got quotes from Brick by Brick (most expensive) and Precision. T