Thursday, June 02, 2016

ticket discounts for Friday night's show at The Unified Scene Theater

Ticket Discounts for Tomorrow Night's Show at The Unified Scene Theater

At The Unified Scene Theater, we're proud to bring you the funny -- on the cheap. And this Friday night we have a fantastic show on the bill: two troupes with direct connections to TUS. The first, Table for One, met and formed out of one of the many classes we offer at TUS; while the other, Request for Protest, is an official TUS House Troupe. 

And you get to see both at a discount. Read on... 

One of DC’s newest improv troupes, one that formed out of our classes here at The Unified Scene Theater, Table for One, will be here to humorously remind us that sometimes you need a table just for yourself so you can sit down and sort stuff out. And enjoy your meal without being pressured to respond to the funny cat video or “Game of Thrones” meme that one weird dude from high school posted on your Facebook wall to get your attention (what’s with that guy, anyway? Why hasn’t he ever moved out of his mom’s basement?) They’ll be joined by Request for Protest, one of The Unified Scene Theater’s brilliantly funny House Teams, members of which include a bunch of weird dudes who never moved out of their mom’s basements. 

Plus, you get a discount (I know, right!?!?) Want to see both these awesome troupes without paying full price? No problem. When you click on the link to checkout on our ticketing system, simply use the code BDALE (short for, you know, Bloomingdale) and you'll receive $5 off the regular ticket price of $15. 

Want more info about the show? Cool. Go here: 

Ready to buy tickets (and get that sweeeeet discount)? Cool. Go here (and don't forget to use BDALE at checkout): 

Just our way of thanking you for being part of The Scene! 

See You On The Scene, 

Shawn and Kathy 
The Unified Scene Theater 
80 T Street NW 


Shawn Westfall
Artistic Director
The Unified Scene Theater


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