Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"Anyone know a contractor who has experience with the District's anti-flooding and related incentive programs for Bloomingdale?"

See this 07-12-2016 request:

"Anyone know a contractor who has experience with the District's anti-flooding and related incentive programs for Bloomingdale?"

We are interested in repaving our parking spot with permeable pavers, or taking other steps that might ease waterflow. The District has various Bloomingdale-specific incentives and a list of approved contractors, but some of the listings seem out of date or inaccurate.  Has anyone worked with a contractor who has been able to work with these programs?"

This is an image of a permeable paver from the internet.


  1. I worked with Bryan Simmons at GreenRoomDC. Highly recommended. Did a design drawing after discussing with us, did the pavers and also installed a gate for us. I also got an estimate from Capitol Hardscapes, who were professional and responsive.

  2. My understanding is they ran out of free pavers for this year's program; however, chances are good the program will be renewed for next year. I am going through the process now but we have not yet broken ground. I reached out to all 7 approved contractors on the list, heard back from about half, got quotes from two and chose First Impression Hardscapes that had been referred to me by a neighbor around the corner. I worked with Mike Walters and he was excellent, very professional, and he knows the ins & outs of the RiverSmart program better than anyone else that I spoke with. I can't speak to the quality of the work yet but I have full confidence they will do a good job based on some of the other backyards they have done in Bloomingdale.