Saturday, July 02, 2016

BZA approves the zoning variances for 26 Adams St NW

See this tweet from Helder Gil, who regularly reviews the DC Register.  And then see the 
subsequent tweet from Bloomingdame.

I would agree with Bloomingdame -- this renovation at 26 Adams St NW should likely never have been triggered under the zoning pop-up regulations passed last summer.

Nice that the owners of 26 Adams St NW did obtain the zoning variances.

Helder Gil@hgil         
BZA Order on 3rd-floor addition to residence at 26 Adams St NW:
8:36 AM - 2 Jul 2016 

This was an odd one- not clear why it had to go to BZA.
8:44 AM - 2 Jul 2016

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