Monday, July 11, 2016

letter from a Bloomingdale household to the Mayor and Ward 5 CM McDuffie: "Stop Bloomingdale crime spree"

Sent: Monday, July 11, 2016 1:05 PM
To: Kenyan McDuffie ;;
Cc:; Mueller, Mark (ANC 5E08) ( <5e08"">; tj quinn ;; Bloomingdame ; Scott Roberts ;;; Bloomingdale Concerned Citizens ;
Subject: Stop Bloomingdale crime spree

Dear Mayor Bowser, Council Member McDuffie and Chief Lanier,

You were all missed last month in our community meeting about safety in the Bloomingdale neighborhood. Now, I am writing after the sad and disturbing news of the death of Seth Rich, who was shot on Flagler and W St NW last Sunday morning.

At last month's meeting, the representatives of the MPD promised that they would increase police presence in order to deter a recent spree of armed robberies occurring in the neighborhood. However, the  streets in Bloomingdale are still dark at night and the visible police presence has been minimal, at best. This has been the case even though there were several armed robberies in between the time of the community meeting and the deadly shooting on Sunday morning. 

MPD representatives said themselves that this crime wave would continue unless police were able to arrest or scare away the criminals. Where is the effort to deter these criminals from terrorizing our neighborhood? Where are the spot lights around the construction zones? Where are the bike or foot patrols? The lack of an appropriate response to these armed robberies is disheartening and careless! Now, people are getting killed!

Me, my family or any of my neighbors could be next to bleed to death in the streets of Bloomingdale. I demand prompt action to stop this ongoing crime wave now.


First Street NW residents


  1. Thank you for drafting this letter! From Second Street NW residents

  2. Hear there is a recall effort against CM McDuffie...

  3. Thank you for taking the time to write this letter, from your neighbors on North Capitol St. NW

  4. Continue writing and tweeting publicly. Politicians don't respect single letters, they only respond to sustained, large quantity out cries.

  5. We should take to the streets. Our leaders are asleep at the wheel.

  6. Thank you for writing this open letter. My home was burglarized and they closed the case the same week with conducting only 1 day of interviewing neighbors. I've had several incidents of robbery at my residence and made many calls to Mcduffie and never received a single response from him. He wants to PAY criminals to stop commiting crimes. I hope you get a response because we shouldn't have to live like this.