Wednesday, July 06, 2016

armed robbery last night behind 2304 1st St NW in the alley

See this 07-06-2016 message:

I wanted to let Bloomingdale neighbors know that some guests of our downstairs neighbor were robbed at gunpoint last night in the alley behind our house.  They were in the parking space behind 2304 1st Street NW.  They are ok, but I wanted to issue an FYI for folks nearby.


  1. I'm no police officer, but it almost looks like a pattern.

    1. Two to three within a week and a two block radius? Also implies the perp lives in the area. For a brief bit I saw an increased MPD presence, to include a cop on a segway patrolling the alley, but I can't say if I've noticed it continuing. For our part, we've bought day/night surveillance cameras which will include some portion of the alley between Bryant and Adams, but it's going to take more doing the same to get any useful images.