Monday, July 11, 2016

Unlawful Entry on the 100 block of Bryant St NW this morning

From a neighbor on the 100 block of Bryant St NW:

A group of young men tried breaking into house on the 100 block of Bryant St NW this morning.

The police classified it as unlawful entry given the suspect tried to climb into a window.

See the photos below.


  1. Unit block of V street had one attempted break in and one successful break in on Thursday in broad daylight. Please be careful. Neighbors watch out for each other. Looks like we are being hit hard.

  2. Please post a phone number to call with info on this incident.

  3. Greenish thumb they did not apprehend anyone yet. James- an officer that was present MPO Jeffrey Phillips. If you see anything you can reach him at +1 (301) 404-8994

  4. rereney- Spoke to Officer Phillips this morning and had spoken to Officer Wilks from 3d on Monday night as well, who were both apparently going to pass along the info we had to 5d detectives.

  5. Saw an arrest today of someone who resembles the person in the picture. Not sure if it's related.