Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Neighbor: Crispus Attucks Park visitors -- please don't dump dog poop bags in the trashcans of the houses that surroundi the park

See this 03-29-2017 message from a resident along Crispus Attucks Park:

I am following up after yesterday’s posting re: dog poop. Can you let people, who walk their dogs in Crispus Attucks park, know that they should dump their dog poop in their own trash cans. They should NOT dump their poop bags in the trash cans surrounding the park.


  1. why not? seems like trash to me. please justify this

  2. "why not? seems like trash to me. please justify this"

    The garbage collectors routinely just pull garbage bags out of the trash cans, missing the small poop bags at the bottom. Also, the poop bags have a tendency to stick to the bottom of the can and not come out even if they put your can on the lift and dump it.

    Take your dog poop home and deposit it in your own trash, please. Otherwise, you're making someone else dig your dog poop bags out of the bottom of their trash can.